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Safety Harbor residents, officials call for end to election season strife

Safety Harbor resident Barbara Nelson speaks about the bullying and other underhanded campaign tactics that have marred recent election seasons in town during the City Commission meeting on Monday, Feb. 19, 2018.

For a couple of months, Safety Harbor’s 2018 election season was humming along quietly, free of the verbal sparring and other underhanded tactics that have marred many recent campaigns.

That all changed after the candidate forum on Thursday, Feb. 1.

Following the two-hour event, which featured the six candidates vying for three open commission seats on March 13, the nasty side of politics reared its ugly head again, with allegations flying between supporters of Seat 3 opponents Andy Zodrow and Damon Lister.

Although the issue was addressed during the subsequent commission meeting on Feb. 5, several citizens showed up two weeks later to call for an end to the election season strife.

“Tonight, I am here representing a large group of city residents to talk about involved citizenship, which includes public discourse that is the cornerstone of a strong democracy,” Barbara Nelson said during the Audience to Be Heard portion of Monday’s meeting, adding, “Unfortunately, these vital traditions are under attack in this city and have been for several years.

Barbara Nelson addresses the Safety Harbor City Commission on Feb. 20, 2018.

Nelson said she was “talking about a small group of city residents who hide behind social media.”

“These cowards spew out despicable, mean spirited and bullying posts designed to assassinate the character of those whom they disagree and intimate others from entering into the political discourse,” she said, noting her group is not affiliated with any campaign and were not there to support any particular candidate.

Nelson then called on the commissioners to do something about the situation.

“We believe that each one of you know who the people are, yet you have failed to call them out publicly and demand that they stop either because you’re afraid you’ll be attacked…or because you are benefiting from their attack on others,” she said.

Elaine Hawkins addresses the Safety Harbor City Commission on Monday, Feb. 19, 2018.

“Until each one of you stand up and declare this publicly, and until you bring these people and their actions into the light and vigorously condemn their attacks, you are complicit in the ugliness and bullying that these people perpetuate.”

Elaine Hawkins, a 37-year veteran of the Pinellas County School system, concurred with Nelson.

“I am asking you, as our elected leaders, to denounce this kind of insulting behavior,” Hawkins said, noting she witnessed all forms of bullying during her teaching career.

She then cited a quote from Oprah Winfrey that states, ‘when you know better, do better.’

“All of us here tonight know better. Let us all strive to do better for our community.”

Safety Harbor Mayor Joe Ayoub.

The comments were met with applause from the audience and impassioned responses from the commissioners, with Mayor Joe Ayoub and Vice-Mayor Carlos Diaz both vehemently denouncing bullying of any kind.

“I condemn any kind of mean-spirited or bullying type tactics that are involved in any kind of campaign or election,” Ayoub, who was embroiled in a campaign scandal two years ago, said.

“We are not the election police, we are not the campaign police,” he added. “I know we all condemn that kind of behavior, that’s all we can do.”

Diaz, who was reportedly subjected to a bullying incident during his first campaign in 2014, agreed with the mayor.

Vice-Mayor Carlos Diaz.

“I believe we do have a level of accountability, and that’s one thing that I one-hundred-percent agree (with) is that bullying should not be tolerated,” he said.

“There’s a lot of negative impact it has on people’s lives. And to me, that’s the number one thing that I do not tolerate.

As he continued, Diaz became noticeably upset.

“When anybody comes around bullying, whether on social media or neighbors, it should not happen,” he said, his voice rising. “And any politician here that does not stand up for that, I totally disrespect. Because even if they are sounding for you favorably, but against your opponent in a foul way, you should stand up and show respect for everybody. Show respect for yourself and show respect for your opponent.”

“You cannot let your campaign go amok. Because that is a reflection on you.”

Commissioner Cliff Merz.

The discussion led Commissioner Cliff Merz, a two-term incumbent who is running for reelection, to say he would pull his dozen campaign signs so as not to add to the rancor.

“I think it’s ridiculous, and I’ve reached out to try and stop this,” Merz said.

“So, I think the easiest thing for me to do is to continue to try to be independent with my one sign in my one spot and then just take me as you’ve seen me.”

“I can easily handle my people, because my people are just me,” he added, eliciting a laugh from the crowd.

Commissioner Andy Zodrow.

Commissioner Andy Zodrow, who was at the center of the post-forum firestorm after his supporters allegedly papered car windshields with flyers disparaging his opponent, Damon Lister, also addressed the issue at the conclusion of the meeting.

“I have actually spoken with my opponent about the campaign this year, and we both agree that we are going to try and do everything that we can to try and keep the conflict between the people down,” Zodrow said during his Commission Report, adding “it really is difficult for us as commissioners to do that.”

While underhanded campaign tactics have been a staple of the political system for decades and most likely will not go away any time soon, the public outcry against such behavior this year has been strong, and there are signs the backlash might be making a difference.

In the comments section of our previous report on the issue, two outspoken members of the community who typically occupy opposite sides of the political fence engaged in what Nelson might consider a civil discourse.

“Holy cow, we agree on something, how about that?” Barbara Hollen-Hugg wrote in response to a comment by Desanya Daly. “Maybe we can start a peace movement Desanya.”

“I’m happy to work with you on this!” Daly replied. “A positive peace movement. Safety Harbor can become the lead example of how a small community can come together with their differences and be respectful of each other!”

To which a reader named Susan wrote, “Peace in the Harbor, what a great idea!!!”

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  1. The bottom line is there are a handful of pro-development people that are pushing their agenda onto the 10,000 residents that are living here and some of whom who have lived here for decades. How did a 7 story monstrosity get approved? How did a 3-story concrete block building get to be built on Main Street? Why aren’t the commissioners worried about overbuilding and taxing our infrastructure? Why is it that everyone that has an opinion against 3 people that dominate this forum-Mick Elliott, Desanya Daley, and “Diane” are deemed negative? I’ve never met those people, but based on their rhetoric, it seems that they are bullying anyone that has a legitimate concern or observation about the way the tide has changed from keeping our town small and charming. Why can’t our city agree on some core values such as protecting trees and green space? Keeping some of these huge homes that dwarf our little cottages from being built? Let’s hope with this election that some common sense will prevail and tree ordinance and zoning will be taken under consideration while there is still some hope. Not sure if we haven’t passed the point of no return.

    • Julie or shall I say Shelly?? There are close to 18k Safety Harbor citizens and we don’t bully… just the facts Ma’am just the facts. There are plenty of trees is Safety Harbor with more being planted. We have a arborist now who does a fine job. We speak up to counter the lies posted on Saving Safety Harbor (Shelly Shellenberg & David Riggles) who in fact owns more real estate than all of us put together!! This is rich! And please, you know how to spell my last name:):):):)

    • Funny you mention the ten thousand residents , where where they on voting day if they are all concerned .turnout was horrible. I assure u I am not making the negative comments. I welcome new people

  2. Kelly Leavy Barnes, Instead of your recent post on ssh calling your three new neighbors homes mcmansions maby you should have knocked on their door and welcomed them you might have met some nice people. That would have been the small town thing to do. I highly doubt their homes are bigger than your school dont be dramatic. two of the homes are not that big. your hateful remarks all over the internet are part of this towns problem, and surprising since your a teacher. Once again a site Zodrow feels nothing is wrong with.

    • Concerned citizen Diane, No one has ever said anything against the new people moving in including you. It is not “hateful” to have an opinion about over sized homes that dwarf surrounding homes. Before these homes were built we had a community garden folks could walk to (isn’t that a walkable community?), and a block full of beautiful oak trees including at least one Grand Oak Tree. This tree, which should have been protected by our hard fought for tree ordinance, was destroyed to build one house. The garden was lost to accommodate two more houses. I know by your total support of all development that you do not treasure either green space, tree canopies, or grand oaks that are hundreds of years old but many of us do. So sad.

      • Sharon, The property where the three modest but lovely new homes where built was and is private property — not city land. So, what makes you so special that you get to tell others what they should do with their property?
        If that were the case, a bunch of us in town would be telling you to clean up your front yard and show pride of ownership and consideration for neighbors who do care about having an attractive neighborhood.

  3. Commissioner Zodrow, I see on your campaign page you challenge anyone to find post on saving safety harbors fb page that are hateful. Have you read the post about your fellow commissioner Scott Long. So since you support that page I assume the comments made by Shelley and Kelly Leavy Barnes are considered ok by you. They are disgusting about a person so involved in his community, how funny they are all posted under the vice mayors video. . Everyone has so much to say about Steven but this is exactly the reason why in the past he has posted. ( I am not speaking for him this is just my opinion)

  4. Barbara had an idea with some hope… Will the Peace Train stop over development, the power of $$$$ in the town or those wanting less development? It would be great if the Peace Train did work, I just don’t see it in SH. The trust element for individuals is gone and the division, hatred and personal attacks have gone way beyond the point of return. I hate saying this since we have always loved Safety Harbor. The only way to change it is to vote for the candidate with your same set of values. I wouldn’t put my opinion here knowing there would be some venomous comments to follow.
    Stop bashing people personally…reading this sounds like high school.

    • “Great job.” – Melissa Witul when Janet Hooper and her friends campaigned at a busy intersection on Main St with a sign reading END MALE DOMINANCE.

      My ten year old boy saw that sign when we walked out of the spa. Can you put yourself in the place of a father who had to explain why there were hateful signs about his gender at the busiest intersection in your city? Do you know how sad he was to read that? I was just trying to enjoy my vacation with my family and I had to to have a difficult conversation about hate that afternoon during lunch. How many young men saw those signs? How many other parents had to deal with that message?


  5. Hi Sharon,

    I don’t think Steven put out a zinger, where do you see that? I have to believe that the posts here are genuine, and an effort is being put forth to move toward peace. I know a lot has happened, we are all aware of that, but I feel we need to stop all the madness and seek common ground.

    We need a starting point and I think stopping the negative postings is a great way to kick start the Peace Train.


    • Barbara; Thank you for your comments, leadership and rational thinking. You are a voice , who— as I hope Desanya and I are, also — can make a difference.

    • Maybe you didn’t read his whole reply when he AGAIN found it necessary to attack Shelly saying “I think I just assumed everyone had the same evil and negative energy as Shelly Schellenberg and I don’t think that’s the case anymore”. Anyone who ACTUALLY knows Shelly, knows she has been the voice through Saving Safety Harbor that CORRECTS the lies and half truths that group puts on Connect and Smart Growth SH. They HATE that & will do anything to turn uninformed people against her and shut down the site that exposes their REAL intentions. This peace making, meet me for coffee, beer, etc is a TACTIC. That’s what they DO. Don’t be fooled. Is Desanya Daly going to redact her post accusing Andy Zodrow of violating election laws and littering? This is an outright lie and fabrication but now it is OUT THERE. This is what they DO. Go on Smart Growth site and see how Kevin LaBrie, owner of that site, tears into Andy as recently as yesterday. How “peaceful” is that? They say Andy voted against Bay to Bay’s Main St. building without saying WHY. Don’t the facts matter? Go on Andy Zodrow’s re-election site for the WHOLE story and continue to read Saving Safety Harbor which is the REAL voice for our city.

      • Sharon, I can assure you meeting with Barbara is NOT a tactic. That is how you may work but that is not how I work. I have never been fake in my life, I say what I mean and mean what I say. Life it too short, time is too valuable and I feel any time spent with Barbara will be time well spent. And regarding Shelly….I’m trying to stay positive so I will leave it at that.

      • Sharon,
        We are reporting facts about Mr. Zodrow’s voting record. In our opinion, Mr. Zodrow took an extreme position against a great project and was the lone negative vote. To expect us to somehow craft a narrative about the subtleties of why he voted NO is unfair and unreasonable. This is especially true due to the fact that Mr. Zodrow has a tendency to adjust these reasons after the fact as the true majority opinion becomes clearer. We believe the new building at 2nd and Main is a positive step and we believe the majority of Safety Harborites see it’s promise as well. Mr. Zodrow’s realization that fighting against this building is a minority opinion does not give him the right to explain away his NO vote. He voted no. It is that simple. Just like Mr. Steingold cannot erase his votes and campaigning against the Starbucks building, and Mr. Zodrow cannot erase his support of the forcible combination of two lots into one the facts of a voting record are just that….facts.

      • Sharon, you truly are shameless. Do you not remember the last election when Ms. Schellenberg and Saving Safety Harbor sent out election mailers that had blatant lies that were proven to be untrue? Go to her site for the truth? Really? Do you not remember Ms. Schellenberg being brought up for ethics concerns twice in front of City Commission? Go to her site for the truth? Really? Do you not remember when Ms. Schellenberg harassed new residents until they cried? Do you not remember when she blatantly lied to her followers about the city main street questionnaire? Do you not remember when she cherry picked and mischaracterized Damon Lister’s positions on parking on her site, starting another cycle of campaign dirty tricks that have torn our community apart. You and Mr. Zodrow have made the decision to capitalize on her fear mongering, nastiness and lies and your attempts to whitewash her tactics makes you complicit in the degradation of our community dialogue. It’s a shame..

      • Sharon, once again at last night commission meeting, the city staff and legal council stepped in to correct the incorrect and misleading rhetoric presented by Andy Zodrow, Schellenberg, Saving Safety Harbor camp: the source you are claiming is the truth. In fact, Saving Safety Harbor propagated the misleading information about the tree fund and CRA funds on a post just prior to the meeting. The post goes on the claim the CRA funds were “buried” in the agreement which is totally false. One of Mr Zodrow’s supporters accused the commission of misappropriating the CRA funds and our legal council clearly dispelled that claim and presented the truth. Finally, Mr Spoor corrected Mr Zodrow’s misrepresentation of the tree fund claim. This is all on video and we encourage residents to see the truth for themselves. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.

    • me either, it doesn’t matter what he says , she will allways bash it. Before I comment more which Sharon is commenting I don’t see an initial for a last name.

  6. I loudly applaud the above posts and pledges seeking to move Safety Harbor toward a harmonious future. Yeah, fire up Peace Train.
    Just one reminder:
    Our current strife began and has continued to be fueled by a single, hateful voice with a Facebook page.
    All aboard the Peace Train, but hate speak must be left back at the station or we are in for a very short trip.
    Peer pressure can be a positive tool. Use it.

  7. Hi Diane,
    I think I replied to Steven in the wrong place, sorry.

    I wish I could do more to help with the healing and making peace, but I only speak and write for myself. I can’t control what others do, say or write.

    If enough of us jump on the ‘Peace Train (thank you Cat Stevens), perhaps there will be enough of us to turn the tide, and the negativity will go away. I believe it is starting to happen, because so many of us are sick and tired
    of it all.

    I will be posting to SSH right after this. Let’s make this happen Safety Harbor!

    • I think you all have made wonderful strides in just these few short comments! Positive change can happen and I believe it will!!

    • I love hearing the comments of people from both sides willing to come together and put aside differences for the sake of a more harmonious community. Let’s go Peace Train!

    • Barbara are u the person who puts up so many Christmas lights. I can’t let you beat me next year. Oh the pressure. lol

    • Barbara, I posted above in wrong place. I think we have to have a battle of the Christmas lights next year. Oh the pressure lol

  8. To make this clear, the citizen backlash against bullying and the political nonsense in Safety Harbor is well over due and is something that I was wondering when enough was enough. The posts in Saving Safety Harbor by its architect embracing me at this moment is hypocritical and manipulative. A lot of this mess started with SSH and its architects a few years back and led to the rise of the same tactics by the other side. My comments were general in nature, not pointing to anyone in particular and conceptual as to how I feel that politicians should conduct their campaign. I thought I was clear enough. The focus of SSH on me continues but SSH embracing me is like Frazier embracing Ali. No thanks SSH. I’ll stick by my words.

  9. check out the picture of commissioners above: why are they not looking at the person talking? Do we need a “cell phone monitor” behind the commission table to ensure this group is paying attention?

  10. Your article should have stated that Barbara Nelson and Elaine Hawkins were protesting a very specific group of residents who have hidden behind a number of Facebook monikers, including Sprawling Safety Harbor last year and Paving Safety Harbor this year. The same group is behind both. I also think you should have included the snapshots of social media posts Barbara Nelson provided the city clerk and the commissioners, which included two demeaning Paving Safety Harbor posts against Andy Zodrow (one claiming he told children their parents were going to hell because their yard is too small) and two despicable Sprawling Safety Harbor posts from last year targeting Janet Hooper, who ran against Joe Ayoub. One post linked Ms. Hooper to Satan, the other linked her to Hitler. This is the bullying that Barbara Nelson and Elaine Hawkins were protesting. This bullying and ugliness didn’t start in Safety Harbor 10 years ago, it started four years ago and has gone unchecked. One of the main targets of these posts last year was Mr. Ayoub’s opponent, and no where on social media or in person did he condemn them–so Mr. Ayoub’s protestations against this kind of negative campaigning at Monday night’s meeting rang hollow. I greatly appreciated the comments from other commissioners, especially the passionate and moving response against bullying by Carlos Diaz, the thoughtful remarks from Cliff Merz, and Andy Zodrow’s pledge to work with his opponent to have a clean campaign. I sincerely hope the leadership and integrity these three commissioners showed at Monday’s meeting will help us move in a positive direction on this issue.

    • I am not condoning the Hitler video but it is the same video Janet Hooper LIKED on Facebook in 2015 when it was a parody on Michigan vs. Michigan State. And the shenanigans have been happening way before 4 years ago because I heard them back in 2009. It’s just now they are more prominent because of social media. So enough is enough. Let’s wipe the slate clean and move forward. Blame can go back and forth all day long but that doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

      • Mr. Horvath please do not add outright lies to the discussion. I never LIKED a Hitler video in 2015 or any other time. In trying to find the video you referenced all I found was that my Facebook page was hacked four times in 2014 and 2015. I am no longer a public official and will not tolerate slanderous claims against me especially three years later. You do not wipe the slate clean this way.

        • I’m not sure how to share it here – but the picture that’s been emailed out to everyone shows it was on October 23rd, 2015 and the video was titled “Hitler Reacts to Michigan State beats Michigan.”

          That would be, yes, Hitler jokes on the personal Facebook profile of a director of a charity that recieves funds from the city.

          Aren’t you a Michigan fan? Whoever hacked you must be a Michigan fan too. Ron Gould shared it with you and you weren’t outraged enough to remove it from your page.

          We’ll all be happy to hear a reasonable explanation of why you weren’t outraged enough though to remove, delete and share your outrage with Ron Gould for posting that video to your wall.

          • I appreciate that you are seeking the truth, as we all tend to do, but in the interest of a sweeter, friendlier, more productive community, could we find it in ourselves let bygones be bygones? It seems a tone of healing has begun in the harbor. I say to everyone…let’s nudge the good tone along rather than playing into and fueling the nastiness. Let’s spend our energies helping rather than hurting; discussing face-to-face rather than dragging people with different views through the dirt on social media. You’ll probably find your values/attitudes are not so radically different. We all chose SH, after all!

          • Thank you Chris for the details apparently you are monitoring my facebook page more than I do. October of 2015 I had two jobs and was competing in the Senior World Games the week before the post and never saw it. My teammates told me I was hacked. I cannot remove what I do not see. I did not find it on my page so I reached out to Mr. Gould today and he told me he had posted it and apologized for doing so. I was and still am outraged that anyone finds Hitler funny or gas chambers for that matter and I expressed that to him. Who is the “We” you are referring to.? Enough of the spin.

          • My family – we come down from New York to visit once a year and hope to live in Safety Harbor one day. We were in town for the last election and saw your ‘End Male Dominance’ signs when we walked out of the Spa and started following the local news sites.

            Glad the Hitler jokes on your page was just a (hacked or busy or whatever) misunderstanding – but I don’t think there’s an execuse for gender bashing under any circumstances.

            Identity politics is a surefire way to drive people apart rather than bring them together – glad to read the comments and see the tone is changing.


          • Chris, Why do you say: YOUR end male domination signs to Janet Hooper?? Those signs that received your attention were made and held by ONE individual and that was HIS opinion. You seem to be unusually involved without actually living here and without having been subject to the lying attacks as some candidates have been. Curious.

          • Sharon,

            It’s really unfortunate you asked me why I think the signs belong to Janet Hooper and were not just one person’s opinion. I now have to share what I found. I did a quick Google search the results are chilling:

            On Feb 27th, 2017 – Saving Safety Harbor shared a photo from a Margaret Quaadman with Janet Hooper’s campaign sign attached to a slogan in all capital letters about ENDING MALE DOMINANCE on the city council. What’s interesting, is that the admin of the Saving Safety Harbor site also thought it was 100% appropriate to share this hateful, gender bashing language.

            Now if you click through the photo (which was shared from Margret Quaadman’s personal profile), two candidates that ran for election that year thanked Margaret for making and campaigning with the hateful sign. Both Janet Hooper (using her same Facebook profile with the Hitler joke about Michigan football) took the time to thank Margaret underneath a photo of the offensive and hateful sign. Another candidate from that year also thanked Margaret. Neither candidate saw anything wrong.

            I found a place to upload the image of Janet Hooper publically thanking the creator of the hateful sign. See the link below for proof positive that Janet Hooper loved and supported the sign and had complete knowedge of where it was displayed, what it said and who did it.

            Now Janet Hooper is still a public figure in that she is an executive director of a charity that receives funding from your city (Google).

            Sharon, how can any male that goes to receive services from the Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center expect to get a fair assessment and shot at services when the director used hateful, anti-male rhetoric as part of her campaign?

            Janet’s campaign behavior puts the most vulnerable citizens at risk in that, if I were a local, I would not contribute to a charity where the organizational leader campaigned against my gender.

            If your local charity doesn’t see a problem, that’s up to them. I would encourage those that are rightly offended to reach out the board of directors to share your displeasure.

            Photo attached:


        • Catching up on elections this year, amazing.

          I don’t believe the city should be giving money or partnering with any charity where a director has used social media for Hitler jokes and has bashed men.

          At first she was hacked, then she was busy, yet, she uses her account all the time so it’s hard to buy either excuse. How can your coworkers tell you your hacked and you not even know it? If it’s hacked, why can she still support man bashing with the same account? Was that account hacked again?

          She should just own it, apologize and move on. Instead, she just acts annoyed that she was caught.

          While Janet Hooper serves as director, Mattie Williams is not where I want my tax dollars to go. Does the city support hate based on gender?

    • Charrie, there is one person responsible for the posts that you mention. Please do not comment there is a group behind it because that is not true. Mr Zodrow also knows who is the person behind it and it is not a group of residents. I also don’t like the fact that my picture was posted multiple times in the past on Saving Safety Harbor, AKA Shelley Schellenburg’s site. They were not in positive posts but in negative ways which I’m sure are probably all now deleted.

      • Susan’s post brings up a very good point. My face, too, showed up on FB, and it was by no means a feel good post. I know who did it, by now the whole town knows who did it. This is the type of ‘stuff’ that needs to stop, and I believe we are headed in that direction. This, alone, can start the healing.

        I think we are all ready for that, but I am very concerned that past actions may have caused irreparable damage to some, and I don’t know how to fix that, or if it can even be done.

        Sadly, a lot of hurt has happened, hateful words spoken, and many people negatively impacted by these words and actions. Is there a way to work through this, and if so, what would it take to bring us all together?

        I’m know the past can’t be changed, but moving forward can, and it will take all of us to make it better. I know some folks will not be able to forgive or forget, and I understand that, but maybe those that are able to do so can start the healing, move in a positive direction, and bring our city together.

        Am I the only one that thinks its possible we could actually work together, even though we have different opinions? It could be at PYHO, serving beer at an event, helping with a cleanup, or Chalkfest. It’s not like we have to campaign together (insert comic relief), just find a common goal.

        I know I don’t have the answer, but I think we are starting to see that the climate in our city needs to change. We all love it in our own way, and for many different reasons, but it is something we all agree on.

        • Yep. Sheryl still has photos of my family and sent Shelly pictures of my home for Shelly to put on her Facebook page.

          I’m over it though. Let’s not forget the part your familiy played in the overall nastiness.

          I’m sorry for crossing the line wth you – I think I assumed everyone had the same evil and negative energy as Shelly Schellenberg and I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

          • well the way I recall things was that steven only made comments about people after they posted first usually making nasty comments about newcomers and their homes which I still see happening as of today on ssh and just last week made comments about a neighbor of mine and tried to bate her into an argument. If many on the people feel Steven bullied them I am sure many are also not so innocent.(I am not speaking for him) but i think he got tired of seeing people being treated badly online and in my case he was one of a handful who came to my defense. Barbara maby you should go on ssh and read the nasty comments about Scott Long one on the best commissioners we have ever has who is surely involved in the community, and the newcomers reading ugly comments about their future home is horrific. Maby you can reach out to Shelley and ask her to remove the ugly posts that still remain then maby we will have peace. I am sorry I missed that meeting I could have shown some of the other side of the not so innocent people in the room. At least the connect lets both sides be heard unlike the other

          • Steven,
            I read you loud and clear. Thank you for your apology. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and if you are willing I most certainly am. I don’t want to dredge it up all over again, it makes me sad. No campaigning for me this year, other than signs, because of last year. It was too much.

            Somehow we seem to have gotten into something that I can assure you, does not reflect who I am.

            I can only speak for myself, try to set an postitive example and move forward now.

            Thank you Steven.

          • Always have to get the zing in right Steven? What happened to your warm and fuzzy good behavior promise? Didn’t last long, no surprise.

          • Sharon, I’m for real. I love Crooked Thumb and I love beer. That wasn’t sarcasm.

            I’ve zero qualms with Barbara. She’s taking a principled position without any gain beyond just feeling a little peace and I totally get that. We can ALL use a little peace – we have to live with each other outside of election cycles and it’s time to act like that’s the case.

        • Barbara, thanks for your post! All very good ideas. Getting together to help the community with Paint Your Heart Out Safety Harbor, Team up to Clean up and other community events is a great start. I’ll see you at Paint Your Heart Day as I am a board member for this organization and will also be scheduling a Team Up to Clean Up in late March. Maybe we can all meet at Crooked Thumb after one of these events and support Local. ?

          • I will be at PYHO for sure. Been doing it for several years and it is very rewarding.

        • Barbara are u the person who puts up so many Christmas lights. I can’t let you beat me next year. Oh the pressure. lol

          • Indeed, Diane, just a few. Last year we cutback a bit, but it’s on for 2018!

        • Well said, Barbara. Living life is tough enough without bashing someone or being bashed. If someone has facts they think are relevant to a discussion, feel free to present them. But unsubstantiated innuendo is uncalled for.

    • “…posts against Andy Zodrow (one claiming he told children their parents were going to hell because their yard is too small).”

      Is this city business now? Three joyless old women can take up city business time rather than just staying off of social media? If you don’t like Facebook, many people don’t, that’s fine. I just don’t appreciate city business getting de-prioritized to deal with Facebook nonsense. Deal with Facebook if you don’t like something , not the city.

  11. I truly feel there can be peace in the Harbor. Too many people are just sick and tired of the nonsense and having to defend themselves for their differences. If we all had the same opinions, the world would be boring so we need to respect each other and work together to make Safety Harbor’s charm outshine them all! I am going to reach out to Barbara and hopefully we can share a beer or a glass of wine together real soon.

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