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Commission returns to City Hall Monday night

After months of virtual meetings, the Safety Harbor City Commission will

Development update, race resolution on Commission agenda

The Safety Harbor City Commission will consider modifications to a new

City Commission looks for federal help for erosion concerns

The Safety Harbor City Commission will wait a month or so

City Commission to grapple with Bishop Creek erosion

Bishop Creek, which has been a frequent source of frustration for

Commission approves office complex 3-2 at rehearing

After rejecting a proposed office complex at State Roads 580 and

Commission to rehear medical complex plan Monday night

Monday’s Safety Harbor City Commission meeting may have a courtroom feel,

Commission completes building heights journey

The issue that has consumed this current Commission for more than

Commission’s building heights debate could end tonight

The issue that largely has consumed the current Safety Harbor City

Commission votes to rehear medical complex request

The Safety Harbor City Commission voted 3-2 Monday night to hold

City Commission to consider development rehearing

A proposed medical complex at the corner of State Roads 580