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Principles Over Politics: Preserving America’s Greatness

January 20, 2017: Inauguration Day, the passing of the torch. Above

Love, Peace and Unity for the Holidays

Once again, our country is challenged to counteract divisiveness with love,

My Litany of Thanksgiving With Compassion

I am thankful for my beautiful home overlooking picturesque woodlands .

The Benefit of Discord

2016 has been marked with an inordinate amount of discord in

Safety Harbor . . . Preserving the Best of Our Small Town

People move to our small town of Safety Harbor, not because

Trump or Hillary: Are You Creating the President You Hate?

Whether you are for Trump or Hillary, are you creating the

Face of Terrorism: Face of Humanity

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, some people find it

Honor the Grief

When I was a little girl and someone died, there was

Step Out of Your History and Into Your Life

By Amy Bryant When I moved here six years ago, I

From Slavery to Freedom to Safety Harbor

As he stepped onto the stage clad in blue majestic African