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Vacationing From the News

To support my sanity and my positive view of life, I’ve

Waterfront Chronicles

 A little tyke came speeding by on a two-wheeler with the

Inspiration For 2019

“In crucial things, unity, In important things, diversity, In all things,

United in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Each morning, I look up to the heavens and give thanks

Amendment 4: Extending Justice

Is our criminal justice system based on punishment for life, or

Enlightened Self-Interest

It was Saturday morning in the fall of 1952. I was

Solidarity and Mourning

I began Sunday morning in the Allendale United Methodist Church, part

The American Dream for Immigrants . . . Or Not

“I’m living the American Dream.” His skin was black as the

The Remote

Ten dead, ten more hospitalized.  Santa Fe, Texas. Yet another school

Rediscovering My Home Through the Tourist’s Eye

The family is visiting, and as happens each time, I find