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Honor the Grief

When I was a little girl and someone died, there was

Step Out of Your History and Into Your Life

By Amy Bryant When I moved here six years ago, I

From Slavery to Freedom to Safety Harbor

As he stepped onto the stage clad in blue majestic African

Reflections in the Mirror of Facebook

Who do you see looking back at you reflected in the

The Obama Presidency: Black History in the Making

History traditionally pays tribute to heroes of the past, but this

We Can End World Hunger

“I don’t want anything, I have all I need.” How many

A Great Place to Start

We are all one universal family, brothers and sisters under one

Thank You, Safety Harbor

Thank you, Safety Harbor. This is the first thought that comes

Understanding Black Lives Matter

I think white folk are getting tired of the Black Lives

Voting, Politics and TV: Dumbing Down America

 On September 15 of this year, participants in the 1,000 mile