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Safety Before Guns: The Caliber of Young Voices

When I was a little girl, I walked a mile to

Celebration and Redemption

I was raised in a predominantly white Northern community.  We were

View From the Post Office Bench

I’m perfectly angled. The late afternoon sun is kissing my face

‘Tis the Season to Unite

Throughout 2017, a cloud of division has hung over our nation. 

Legacy on a Staircase

As I ascended the opulent staircase, I was overcome with the

Hurricane Irma: Hardships and Blessings

On Friday, all packed and ready to evacuate, I rushed for

The Fine Art of Just Being

“Amy, what’s new?” “Nothing’s new . . . just the same

The Power of Words

As a writer, I am profoundly aware of the power of

Politics and Friendship

“Well I have to tell you . . . I voted

Political Civility in Safety Harbor

There I was, on the corner of Bayshore and 7th Street,