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Thanksgiving 2020

ANTICIPATION. The 25-pound turkey in the oven. Dining room table, set

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible

With less than a week to go until the results of

Missing Walter Cronkite

My mind is pounding with the cacophony emitted by the spokespersons

Thoughts on Race – September 2020

I used to equate racism and prejudice. Prejudiced people were those

Yes, Your Life Matters

Were you ever followed by department store security because your skin


For the past ten years, the Safety Harbor community has been

Civility and Moods of the Times

For two days in succession, I saw friends of mine being

George Floyd: My Response

It’s been over two weeks since the brutal murder of George


I decorated my home as a sanctuary containing all that is

Adapting to Our New Reality

As I enter my woodland backyard and appreciate the freshness of