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Right to Life, But is it Really?

In the aftermath of Roe v Wade, I’m not here to

Folks Who Look Like Me

As I turn on the television, I am pleasantly surprised on

Almost Homeless in Safety Harbor

After ten wonderful years in my apartment facing an idyllic tree-lined

Jeremiah: In Tune With the Heart of Safety Harbor

He stood by the curb, eyes lowered, saxophone in hand. Soft

News and Conversation: Finding the Good in 2022

As we enter the third year of Covid-19, we’re all hopeful

Choose the Best for 2022

As we close out 2021, my two major concerns are politics

Thanksgiving in The New Normal

Thanksgiving is fast approaching . . . this year in the

Embracing Uncertainty

I grew up in an era of certainty. Graduate from high

Vaccination Conversation

I was sinking into the security of being unmasked in the

The Olympics: A Metaphor Of Unity Within Humanity

They entered the Olympic Stadium with such majesty. The music resounded