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Safety for Our Children: Then and Now

NY. 1951. It was Saturday morning, and I was heading out

Preview 2020: The Values and Moods of Autumn

Neighbors’ lawns filled with jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and spiders herald the approach

Friends Across the Aisle

Don’t discuss religion or politics. That was the message we were

Affecting the Climate of Hatred One Click at a Time

Just this past week, I spoke with two friends about the

American Family Values, Myth or Reality?

Children in cages on US soil: American family values, myth or

Not a Mascot

“I’m a human being . . . I am not a

Black History, May 2019

It was not Black History month, but as I looked out

Surviving in the Aftermath of Violence

A teenage girl is dead: life had become unbearable as she

Puerto Rico: Suffering Continues From Hurricane Maria

Here in Safety Harbor, Carlos Rolon has not been able ignore

Worldwide Browning

A phenomenon of browning is spreading worldwide.  The horrific massacre of