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Finding Common Ground

I was attracted to Safety Harbor because of the Spa. I

Spanning the Generations

When my mother became “a woman of a certain age,” I

Aligning My Emotions With My Spirit

People tend to view me as a positive woman, a strong

A Tribute to Mother Maya

Mother Maya is dead?  How can that be?  There were no

Holistic Purist …. Or Not

Poison coursing through my veins seeking its malignant target but attacking

The Fine Art of Receiving

They say that “It is far better to give than to

Aging Beautifully: Or Not

I have curly red hair, purchased unashamedly at the salon: the

Filling the Cup

Each weekday morning, I “invite” Roland Martin into my home to

Home Again

They say that when you die, your life flashes before your

Favors From the Universe

  When it comes to favors, I’ve always been conscientious about