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Safety Harbor . . . Preserving the Best of Our Small Town


Web Heaader 1People move to our small town of Safety Harbor, not because of long term planning, but because they are called to live here.  How often do folks say: “I visited, I felt it and I knew I must live here.”

To me, Safety Harbor means a sense of community.  People really care. When I walk downtown on Main Street people recognize me and let me know how happy they are to see me.  When I am in distress people are quick to come to my assistance, even if they don’t really know me.

My childhood was spent in a small town with all of those characteristics.  I knew this was where I had to be when I felt Safety Harbor.  For the past five years, I have basked in the arms of this caring, loving community.

With great sadness, I learned that in the name of preserving our beautiful small town, some folk are resorting to hateful tactics that belie the best of what Safety Harbor has to offer.  When a new resident cannot sit on her porch without being harassed by strangers; when a long-term resident is subjected to personal attack and name calling, we must stop and reflect.  Are we preserving the best of our small town?

We are all created with free will, and surely we all have differences in our self-interest.  But are we expressing these differences in the best way when we go on the offensive and rudely attack our neighbors?

Part of our task on earth is to acknowledge differences and create harmony through understanding, civility, and compassion. And just how can we do that?  It’s easier than you may think.

Focus on the issues.

Eliminate words of personal attack.

“Do unto others . . .” Imagine how you would feel if your hateful words were directed at you or a family member.

Now present your views with reason, calm and respect.

There is a national and international climate of discord that is poisoning the airways.  Safety Harbor is like an oasis, a refuge, protecting us from rancor and hostility.  Now, more than ever, we must examine our hearts and our behavior so that we preserve the best of our community. Let Safety Harbor continue to live up to its legacy as a Safe Harbor.

Amy Bryant


~written by Amy Bryant, Safety Harbor resident blogger

Amy Bryant

Author of You CAN Go Home Again


  1. I too, was chagrined to learn that because people don’t like the buildings, they are attacking the people who, innocent of the issue, are settling in to become new Harborites. I welcome anyone who loves this town. To attack the residents is like attacking people who use the airlines to fly from place to place because of the pollution that jets cause. It is what it is. I was unaware of these attacks as well until a friend told me about it. It just seems like such a sad way to welcome people. Thank you once again Amy, for being the voice of reason.

  2. Safety Harbor is truly a special place, a haven of small town goodwill combined with creative elements and so much more. I, too, feel very much “at home” in Safety Harbor because of its tangibly welcoming, embracing and safe spirit.

    Though I have been blissfully ignorant of the recent issues you address, I thank you for providing an appropriately wise and timely article. May all Safety Harbor residents be inspired to vigilantly embody the higher ideals that have made this hamlet a beacon of light for so many to enjoy!

  3. Dear Amy!

    Thank you so much for this blog! I have been so disturbed by the nasty comments targeting local community members! I was astonished that such comments were posted on this media outlet. I didn’t know how to comment without becoming part of the attacks. Your words address important issues and are perfectly put! Thank you for your voice!

    Let love rise up again in Safety Harbor!
    Janet Lee

  4. Amy – spoken from my heart too! You do it so well. I see some evidence lately that the nastiness and hostility has been tempered. I think there can be cooperation and compromise in the difficult process of helping our city grow yet maintain much of its character because, after all, that’s why so many of us live here. Thank you, Amy.

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