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Safety Harbor board member accused of harassing behavior again

A screenshot of Shelly Schellenberg, taken during the Safety Harbor City Commission meeting on Feb. 16, 2015.
A screenshot of Shelly Schellenberg, taken during the Safety Harbor City Commission meeting on Feb. 16, 2015.

Two years ago, the Safety Harbor City Commission addressed complaints that had been lodged against Shelly Schellenberg, a longtime member of the city’s Code Enforcement Board.

After noting the city had received emails regarding Schellenberg’s conduct in public, Commissioner Carlos Diaz revealed he had experienced similar behavior during his election campaign in 2014.

“I was victimized by Shelly Schellenberg,” Diaz said during his Commission Report on Feb. 2, 2015. “I’m out there and this lady comes up to me and starts trying to humiliate me in public, calling me names in front of my children. In front of my children.”

Diaz, who said he had no idea who Schellenberg was at the time of the incident, then called for her removal from the board.

Two weeks later, she appeared before the commission to counter Diaz’s claims.

“Is there any evidence?” Schellenberg said during the Feb. 16, 2015 meeting. “Is there any video of me trespassing and harassing? Are there any police reports? Are there any affidavits? Is there any sworn testimony? Are there any witnesses?”

Safety Harbor City Commissioner Carlos Diaz.
Safety Harbor City Commissioner Carlos Diaz.

Schellenberg went on to say that Diaz’s accusations “are illegal acts with intent to disparage, to hurt my reputation without any attempt to ascertain the truth,” and though she said she didn’t expect an apology, she did “expect a retraction of those statements.”

At the time, Mayor Andy Steingold said he was not inclined to have the commission get in the middle of personal disputes, but he added, “we won’t put up with it if it keeps happening.”

Jump ahead two years, and new allegations about Schellenberg’s behavior have thrust the issue back into the spotlight.

Earlier this week, downtown resident Diane Bouida, who previously aired her concerns about harassment she was receiving after moving into one of the controversial new homes, took to the podium to describe her experiences with Schellenberg in regards to a Facebook page the board member allegedly controls called Saving Safety Harbor.

“I am having a really awful experience at my house, and I spoke about this a few months ago and it’s still continuing,” Bouida told the commission on Tuesday night.

A screenshot of Diane Bouida, taken from the Safety Harbor City Commission meeting on Jan. 3, 2017.
A screenshot of Diane Bouida, taken from the Safety Harbor City Commission meeting on Jan. 3, 2017.

“I would like to know, when people are on the Code Enforcement Board, do they have a code of ethics they have to follow, or are they allowed to, like, take my name and blast it all over the internet and pull pictures off my Facebook page?” she asked. “I don’t even know them and I’ve never met them, don’t even know who these people are, and they sit on the Code Enforcement Board.”

Bouida went on to describe a pattern of harassment, including people mailing notes to her home, approaching her on her property, even someone leaving “huge piles of dog poop in our living room before the doors were put on,” and she accused Schellenberg and former Code Enforcement Board member Sharon McAuley of being the ones behind the intimidating tactics.

“It’s Shelly Schellenberg,” she said. “I have no idea who she is, never met her, but she feels she has to take my name, put it on her Saving Safety Harbor Facebook page, blast me about living on Iron Age.”

“I just thought when people were on the board they should not be allowed to do that to someone they’ve never even met,” Bouida added. “I don’t even know who this person is.”

While Mayor Steingold said they don’t have a specific code of ethics for board members, Commissioner Diaz jumped in and called for stricter conduct guidelines for anyone who represents the city.

“I think that…everybody should have a code of ethics to uphold as an appointee or elected official,” Diaz said. “I don’t know what’s going on, but if it’s somebody in some kind of committee or someone associated on a committee with the city, that is just not acceptable at all.”

Homes like this one on Iron Age Street in downtown Safety Harbor have been the subject of much debate between residents and city officials over the past year.
Homes like this one on Iron Age Street in downtown Safety Harbor have been the subject of much debate between residents and city officials over the past year.

Later in the evening, Diaz called for an investigation into the most recent claims against Schellenberg.

“What is the process for investigating the allegations made against somebody on one of our committees,” Diaz asked during his Commission Report. “Is there any kind of process?

“Because I think she came up here and proposed something that obviously is causing her harm, daily harm,” he added. “And I think us, as part of the commission, we have a duty to protect the community, especially from people that are appointed to our boards.”

Safety Harbor Mayor Andy Steingold.
Safety Harbor Mayor Andy Steingold.

The five commissioners, with guidance from the City Attorney, ultimately decided to call Schellenberg into City Hall for private, individual question and answer sessions, with the findings to be presented at the next commission meeting on Tuesday, January 17.

After the meeting, Bouida reportedly got into a heated confrontation with Sharon McAuley in the foyer of the Commission Chambers, with the on-duty Community Patrol Officer intervening.

Safety Harbor Connect reached out to Schellenberg in order to get her side of the story, and on Thursday, she responded to a number of questions we posed via email.

When asked if she was the creator and/or administrator of the Saving Safety Harbor Facebook page, Schellenberg replied, “I am the administrator of Saving Safety Harbor Facebook page.”

Saving Safety Harbor is a Facebook page operated by city code enforcement board member Shelly Schellenberg. Credit: Facebook.
Saving Safety Harbor is a Facebook page administrated by code enforcement board member Shelly Schellenberg. Credit: Facebook.

In response to the allegations being levied by Bouida, Schellenberg wrote, “I have never met Diane Bouida, nor have I ever gone onto her property on Iron Age with or without her being present.”

As to the accusation of using Bouida’s Facebook photos on the Saving Safety Harbor page, Schellenberg wrote:

“A Google search does not turn up a facebook in the name Diane Bouida. However, someone created a facebook page under the name of Diane Castillo, for the purpose of posting on Saving Safety Harbor. Her comments, (that she posted) included her FB photo of a wooden owl. Her comments were deleted when it became apparent that her Facebook page was a fake. A Google search for the Diane Castillo / wooden owl page does not show that page online now.”

As for the comments by Diaz, Schellenberg said they are part of a pattern of behavior exhibited by the commissioner during election season, particularly when Joe Ayoub is running for office.

“Every time Joe Ayoub runs for office Carlos Diaz attempts to kick me off code enforcement,” Schellenberg wrote, noting she was reelected to the board in April 2016 by a vote of 4-1, with Diaz casting the lone ‘no’ vote. “As previously mentioned (during the last election), Carlos uses his commission seat as a bully pulpit to attack his political opponents.”

When asked to elaborate on her affiliation with Saving Safety Harbor, Schellenberg stated, “The mission of Saving Safety Harbor is clear: To promote compatible improvements, while preserving the character of our small town, and protecting the environment. It provides a forum for like-minded persons to communicate with each other.  It’s a facebook page. Nobody is forced to read it.”

2017 Safety Harbor mayoral candidate Joe Ayoub.
Safety Harbor mayoral candidate Joe Ayoub.

Finally, when asked if she felt she should resign her position on the Code Enforcement Board due to the allegations by city officials, Schellenberg was unequivocal.

“There is only one commissioner making any claims, and it bears repeating: Every time Joe Ayoub runs for office Carlos Diaz attempts to kick me off code enforcement,” she said, adding, “There is no reason to step down from the CEB.”

When reached for additional comment, Diaz elaborated on his original statements.

“When a citizen comes up there and is so distraught about the quality of life and harassment, that bothers me,” Diaz said by phone on Thursday afternoon. “She has allegations out there, and we need to figure out, as a commission, what the situation is.”

Diaz, who is running for reelection in March, went on to say that he believes it’s up to the commissioners to “protect the character and integrity of Safety Harbor,” and that by exhibiting a repeated pattern of harassing behavior, Schellenberg’s actions could cast the city and its leaders in a negative light.

“The two concerns I have are citizens and residents worrying about being harassed, and the perception residents will have if people appointed to our advisory boards are conducting themselves in this manner,” he said. “It shows we support this type of behavior, and I don’t support it.”

“If you’ve got conviction in your core values, you’ve got to stand up for them,” he added. “To me, this whole thing crosses the line.”

Safety Harbor Connect reached out to Ms. Bouida and Mayor Steingold for additional comment, but did not hear back from them prior to the publication of this article.

Stay with Safety Harbor Connect for further reports on this story.

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  1. Dear Riddler, After much consideration I am not going further with a police report. I am going to be the bigger person and accept your honesty.

    • Thank you Diane, and my conscience is clear since I did not go potty in your house. Hopefully you are aware of this since the Fake Riddler probably had to confess to you that I wasn’t the one who wrote that post.

      I realize you are going through so much and hope things start to settle down for you. It’s very obvious you are stressed.

      I apologize if I have caused you any duress. I will reiterate, I hope things get better and you are able to move into you new home very soon.

      – The Real Riddler –

      • Janet and her Status Quo machine rely on Shelley Schellenberg and her misinformation to perpetuate their propaganda. A little over a week ago, her website posted that “The height requirement can be changed, depending on the make up of the commission and the Planning/Zoning and Board of Appeals” This was done in an effort to mislead her followers. How do I know it is a lie? The Status Quo currently has majority on all three of these entities, in fact Shelley and her husband are on the Code Enforcement and P&Z boards she references. If there really is a silver bullet dependent on the makeup of these entities that could lower the height why is it still in the gun? There will (hopefully) never be a better time to shoot it than the last two years yet it’s never even been mentioned let alone pursued. The story just doesn’t hold water. How many other posts are untrue? Don’t be manipulated into voting based on lies.

  2. So to add a little fuel to the fire….I have a client/friend who is involved in contracting. He was at a job site here in Safety Harbor, a town he just adores and was looking to move his wife and new baby in to thinking it would be a great place to live. While at the job site he was approached by a few different people, at different times mind you and treated terribly. Being grilled about his purpose there, who sent him, etc… He is just doing his job. He is now looking in Dunedin for a home because he does not feel that Safety Harbor is a good fit for his new family. I find this behavior coming from people in this community appalling. This is my town too. This is my home. This is awful. Things will not change here until the board changes. Shelly and Sharon are supported by most of the commissioners, 1 of which has been very vocal himself to residents including a newer resident describing his new home as basically destroying the community. Change and growth is inevitable. I personal do not like being urinated on as if my property is territory that they are marking so that they can enjoy fulfilling their need for control by telling me what to do with my home/property. It is time to take our town back. It is time to take our lives back and quite messing with people who really have no claim on our properties or what we do with them while they complete their selective personal agenda. Our town and our values will continue to suffer if this does not stop.

    • Thank You Natalie, I do not know why Shelley who I have never met keeps targeting me. My house was built already when I bought it. I am sure as Tammy states many more animals have been disturbed by the boardwalk than the tree that was on my homesite. What I find really amazing is that Shelley buys properties knocks down cottages and builds large homes herself. The very thing she preaches against. Last I checked we live in a free society and if something is approved by the city and done legally who is she to harass new people moving in. I have never seen a town with such craziness. I loved your description at the end .

      • Diane, I have to confess and get this off my conscience. I pooped on your living room floor and I am sorry. I will never poop again on anyone’s floor. My bad.
        -The Riddler-

        • Thank You for admitting it because I will now be asking the deputy at tomorrow nights meeting how I can get a court order to make connect reveal what email this came from. It will be my first step to exposing who has been bothering my family. I have had others tell me who they think you are but I will make sure I am right before I accuse . Since today is a holiday tomorrow I will be contacting an attorney and the police. You have just shown what type of person you are and now everyone knows not to believe anything you write and to not take you seriously.

  3. SAFETY HARBOR — If Shelley Schellenberg and David Riggle want to operate a hate-peddling, divisive and malicious Facebook page that seeks to turn Safety Harbor into an unwelcoming and unfriendly dead zone by pitting neighbor against neighbor, that is their right.

    They should not, however, be allowed to push an angry agenda while serving as city commission-approved board members, who, by definition, are appointed to represent all citizens with an even hand and open mind.

    Three things you never want to see: Bonnie and Clyde heading the Police Benevolent Association, the Kardashians teaching Bible study, and Schellenberg-Riggle looking out for others’ well being.

    To read more of my new blog post on this subject, click on Connect Blog.
    I think you will find it interesting.

    • Mick Elliott and Desi Daly have posted dozens and dozens of mean nasty and untrue comments on Connect. Mick rants about renters “not being responsible” for paying property taxes, yet pays his own property taxes with the rent money he collects from his own tenants. Desi repeatedly lies about me, claiming that I am not friendly on facebook, and then calls her neighbor “trailer-trash” on the Smart Growth facebook page. This followed Desi’s letter-attack on an elderly woman who parked on the church grass while attending a funeral. And these people have the balls to whine about an angry agenda? Having Mick and Desi rent to visitors to our city is like having Attila the Hun and Mrs. Hun hosting the welcome wagon.

      • Shelley, let’s just make peace for our town. There is no reason to constantly attack each other. Let’s work together for all in our town. Life is short. Help each other. Peace for all!

  4. Amazing that the bullying in Diane continues in the form of an anymore account. These Saving Safety Harbor people are real saints.

      • Much ado from these residents about one owl on one homesite but none about the many waterfowl affected by mangrove distruction, habitat fragmentation, and littering (future) from the waterfront park development? If we, as a community, want to protect wildlife and ecosystem services, shouldn’t we be doing that on our public lands first and foremost rather than exacting a little here and there from homesites in already disturbed areas? Instead, this woman and her followers are beating up on good people in our community just because a tree came down on their homesite? I’m pretty sure–given this area was an oak hammock that stretched from Bay to Gulf–that several trees came down for each and every one of our homes. If this woman and her followers are serious about preserving the scant natural environment that remains in SH, homesites in established neighborhoods are probably not the best place to direct their fervor (and political clout). I would gladly join them in pursing meaningful environmental initiatives but cannot condone their present tactics that only serve to diminish our community spirit. ¡Ya basta!

        • Thank You Tammy, I have never met this woman and she wont leave me alone.
          I am already trying to sell my house that I haven’t even finished yet. What is wrong with these people .

        • Tammy,
          The City would be more than happy to share a copy of our WFP SWFWMD Permit with you. The following facts would be obtained from review of the permit.

          *The City cleared approximately 2 acres of invasive species.
          *The project wetland permitting was approved as follows:
          Total acres: 6.40 Acres
          Not Impacted: 4.91 Acres
          Permanent Impact: 0.02 Acres
          Temporary impact: 1.47 Acres
          *The City will be restoring 2 acres (where the invasive material was removed) with wetland plantings via a grant from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP) and help from Tampa Bay Watch (TBW).

          The planting is scheduled for February 25th at 9am. Sign up link below.


          • Thank you for the information. My primary concerns remain the boardwalk cutting a swath through vegetation (habitat fragmentation) and inevitable littering from human encroachment (see piles of trash always under N Bayshore bridge) that will impact roosting and foraging birds. I guess it was just the US Army Corp permit that was a hurdle. Perhaps more stringent than state environmental requirements? Anyway, what’s done is done, and I trust the city will mobilize the appropriate resources to minimize litter and other actions that would impact our beloved shore birds.

  5. Reread the title of this article “Safety Harbor board member accused of harassing behavior AGAIN”. This should of been dealt with the first time. The mayor and three commissioners who voted Shelley to another assignment on the Code Enforcement board (zodrow, hooper and merz) need to do what is right for the city of Safety Harbor. This needs to stop in our city. It is an embarrassment to a city of 5 square miles.

    • oops, sorry, I just noticed that Saving Safety Harbor doesn’t say anything about code enforcement at all. this is weird, because so many people thought it had something to do with code enforcement. but I guess they are wrong, or mistaken. Is there anybody who has any proof of any abuses? not just rumor? maybe this doesn’t matter,maybe romer is enough to convict.

    • Susan, first the Connect is OWNED by Rick Blake. This alone explains a LOT about the slant of the reporting. Just because the Connect says someone is accused of something does not make them guilty. In fact, it does not provide an ounce of credibility and is irresponsible reporting of the “news”. The Connect should have spent some time investigating WHO was encouraging Diane to make these crazy accusations. Now, THAT would have been an interesting story. The story behind her “new best friends” that were putting the words in her mouth. The mayor and commissioners who voted me in 3 times knew the truth about what is going on “behind the scenes” in Safety Harbor, and they also knew who was telling lies about me.

  6. Just want to clear up a few things Diane Bouida and Diane Castillo are the same person. Shelley you must have know that otherwise you would not have pulled my FB wooden owl picture off my profile with my name before I was married ( Castillo) and used it for a picture of My Iron Age lot with a tree and owl on it and made your hateful comment. I always use the name Bouida when going to a city meeting. I have had my Facebook page since 2009 so it was not created just to post on your site. Let me also correct your other statement that you made saying after you discovered it was a fake FB (which it wasnt) you deleted my posts after I tried to ask everyone to stop and defended myself. You removed my name from that owl picture and deleted everyone’s nasty posts after you were called out on sprawling safety harbor because they screen saved it on their page , Immediately afterward you changed everything to cover your tracks. I suspect after you read this you may erase more things but it doesn’t matter because it all has been saved. You are on a city board and are an attorney (so I am told) and you have no ethics. Your hateful page is scaring people away from investing in SH which is a wonderful little city. I had planned to invest a lot of money in opening a business but wont be now after seeing all this crazy behavior. Property owners beware. One day you may want to sell your property and there will be so many restrictions it may scare people away, and what kind of impression does it leave when city commissioners let this behavior continue after years of people complaining. Except You Mr. Diaz, I thank you for doing the right thing. I am sure it was a weird position to be in as it was for me. I am all for free speech but not while you are on a board representing the city. I see I am not the only one you have done this to. At least the connect lets the other side be heard

    • Diane, let’s get something straight…YOU posted on MY facebook page. I did not post on YOUR fake page, as I had no idea that you even existed (by any of your names). You are mad because I deleted your comments. You are also mad because other residents posted comments that were unsympathetic to you. We have never met, probably never will. You do not like hearing the truth or my opinions, but your unhappiness does not render my message unethical; it only means that you should not look at my message. However; in retrospect, I am somewhat sympathetic to you, because you were totally unaware as to how you were used by some people here to promote their own agenda.

  7. Riddler – I think I can answer your question on Sprawling Safety Harbor. It is a satire, the result of Saving Safety Harbor. Get real, there is no comparing these FB pages. Sprawling started a month or so ago and Saving Safety Harbor has been promoting hate for several years. Sprawling is spoof and has become Safety Harbor’s SNL.

    • Desi, You get real. Sprawling is not funny and it’s not a spoof. I suspect if you were at the receiving end you would not be amused.

      – The Riddler –

      • Riddler, it is satire – NO comparison! Sprawling is making fun of the hateful person who is like the Wizard of Oz – the little “man” or shall I say little “woman” behind the curtain who has been exposed. And my name is Desanya. Desi is for family and friends only.

        • Excuse me Desanya, although Desi is very nice. So sorry for the breach of protocol. I guess no Christmas card for me next year?

          Sprawling is taking cheap shots at a sitting commissioner who is running for Mayor, several residents who have dared to speak out that don’t agree with you, the current mayor, and so on. Posting ugly pictures and comparing them to the above mentioned folks, posting photos of people’s house, cars and wives and so on. The very things you all complain about with SSH. What’s the difference you ask? You see one as a satire poking fun, and the other as evil.

          Nope, Sprawling is not a satire, not to me and I am sure many others, especially those being ridiculed, and harassed. Screen shots from people’s FB pages, innocent people who gave their opinion.

          Nope, not a satire. Ace in point why I remain…

          – The Riddler –

          • Just remember I am an innocent person buying a home that I haven’t even moved in yet and I am on Shelleys page. I might also add that a lot of these opinions people are posting that sprawling posted were nasty hurtful remarks, many that were aimed at my home. They are posted on sprawling only after they appeared first on the other page. Lets see , our homes have been called tenements for rich people, we have been called stepford people, hey neighbor can you pass the ketcup, it is said that we will clutter the streets by parking where ever we want these are just a few of many comments. By the way the say no to Joe video isnt the cutest thing either. Sprawling ( i am guessing not speaking for them) are trying to make a point that its not fun to be bullied. I have never lived anywhere that people hate people because of a house they live in. People have the right to make money on their investment, in fact if you check the property appraiser you will see Shelley owns many properties. I wonder when she goes to sell them will it be for the exact price she paid?

    • Desanya Daly, we are still waiting for the results of your lie detector test. Anyone who knows both of us do not believe a word that you or Mick say about us. Your neighbors may be afraid of you, but we are not, and we will call you out for your nasty and dishonest comments. I will stop telling the truth about you when you stop lying about me.

      • Shelley, make peace already. Life is short. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let’s make our town great, that is all that matters. Peace to all.

  8. Jan,
    Thanks for the name calling, much appreciated.
    Now you can be lumped into the name calling group. Silly enough for you?

    – The Verbose, Silly, Whiny, Riddler –

    • Riddler – you have now officially become a troll. You have some interesting thoughts and suggestions but residents are not going to take you seriously using a cartoon character. And this is TOO serious. This is about peoples lives, their home, their security, and their livelihood. Some have invested their 401k, their retirement and/or savings to be a part of this community and it is NOT a game. It is offensive that there is a segment of our community who wishes ill will to new and existing residents, who only seek to contribute and be included.

      • Desi, are you in charge of troll delegation? Give me a break. You all are not getting rid of me that easily, you’ve opened a whole new can of worms by calling me names, the very thing you vilify others for.

        You all are acting saintly, and that you have others best interest at heart, but my suspicion is you are only concerned for your own. Was Shelly right, is it all about the money?

        There is good and evil in the Harbor that’s for certain.

        – The whiny troll Riddler –

        You all act like your saints and have never

        • LOL – ask Shelley about profit. She sold her house on 5th Street South for a profit – so is she now a profiteer? Hard to believe someone would want to loose money on an investment. Don’t hold anything against her for making a profit and thankful that someone else has bought the home. Hopefully new owners will take better care of the landscaping and improve the street.

          • Desanya Daly, we are still waiting for the results of your lie detector test. Anyone who knows both of us do not believe a word that you or Mick say about us. Your neighbors may be afraid of you, but we are not, and we will call you out for your nasty and dishonest comments. I will stop telling the truth about you when you stop lying about me.

        • What if it is about money? People purchase property not only to live in but also as an investment. Do you work? If not, are you retired? Did you work for free out of the generosity of your beating heart? You worked in an effort to better yourself and your surroundings. The people moving in to and investing in Safety Harbor are in some form or another making an effort to better their surroundings. Who made anyone the gate keeper to say it has to conform to the way that you, Shelly, or Sharon and the Saving Safety Harbor group says that it should be? Am I all up in your face, in your business, telling you what to do with your home, your life? No! This meanness and drudgery is not becoming to Safety Harbor. In one breath, we are being called Mayberry and in other “good riddance, we don’t want new people or new homes here unless you do as we want ” You want to bring a business here, well DO NOT support new growth or new neighbors building new homes because IF YOU DO, then we will make sure you get no business” I am sick of hearing this awful group not walking their talk unless it suits them. People need to stop going to new neighbors or people working in this town on residential projects and giving them a hard time. It is just awful. We are all better than this.

  9. I didn’t call you a villain, I just wondered why you would choose it to identify with one. I don’t think your a villain, I think you are very verbose and silly. Now with your last post I have to add whiny.

  10. I am curious why everyone is so focused on my moniker The Riddler, as well as SSH FB page and SS, and not the real issues? Everyone gets that you don’t like her FB page, or her for that matter, and now it seems you don’t like me because I use The Riddler. I’ve heard and read the same stories multiple times, and it has nothing to do with me, yet every time I post, here come the same stories. Why direct them at me?

    What exactly have I done that makes you suggest I am a villain, and don’t love Safety Harbor?
    Cowardly behavior because I don’t sign my real name? Look at how you react to my post and that should be your answer. I’ve posted absolutely nothing to warrant any of it.

    No one has yet to acknowledge the one thing I harp on and that is the Sprawling FB page, not one word. Posts from that page don’t offend you? How would you like to be compared to Hitler? My point is there is more than one rodeo in town throwing barbs, but it’s not me. You are directing your anger at the wrong person.

    I am not enemy, just another concerned citizen who, like you, loves Safety Harbor.

    I volunteer here in the city, and at events all the time, I give back, I don’t cause problems, so why are you harassing me? Only Desanya has not said anything unkind to me, just suggested I don’t use The Riddler, and I appreciate her approach. Thank you, Desi. I didn’t criticize Susan, or Jan but you both suggested I have cowardly behavior, a silly name, anything I post can’t be reliable or true, and pointed out The Riddler is a fictional villain, which seems to suggest I am one too.
    Nope, I am real and not a villain.

    I’ve never once mentioned Iron Age homes, or setbacks, or bullied anyone, called people names, criticized their home, yet I am being called out, and for what? My ‘silly’ moniker?

    I am not hurting anyone just expressing my opinion like everyone else.

    – The Riddler –

  11. Yikes. Is Saving Safety Harbor the same residents the city commission is catering to by changing the citywide R-2 zoning rules? Sounds to me like these people think their aesthetic values are “right” and it’s acceptable to demonize and bully anyone who thinks differently. Add me to the chorus of people chiming in with their appreciation for the Iron Age houses and support for those homeowners who have made a considerable investment in our city. The R-2 proposal stands to affect the property rights of hundreds of properties throughout the city (like mine and maybe yours, too. Call the city and check your zoning). Hopefully, the city commission will see the folly of putting so much stock in the whims of a group that is not representative of the Safety Harbor community.

  12. The Riddler is a fictional villain out to destroy Gotham. I wonder why you would chose it? Freudian?
    Since we are using fictional references, let’s call Safety Harbor, Mayberry. The good people of Mayberry would have welcomed all the new people. Aunt Bee would have baked them a pie!! My husband and I love the homes on Iron Age and all though we haven’t met all of them, the families we met are an asset to the City.
    When I hear and see the harassment these good people have gone through, it’s embarrassing for the rest of us who truly love Safety Harbor.
    By the way, Riddler, one does not need to know Sharon McCauley, to be harassed by her. I, was and never met her. I did learn her house “sprawls” from lot line to lot line, in violation of all she screeches about. Since she is revitalized by negativity and venom, in cartoon fiction she could Cruella deVille.
    Safety Harbor is a robust, diverse and growing City. Most of its residents live in the real world, where we sign our real names.
    Oh and remember Riddler, Batman is watching, he’s the good guy and he always wins.

    • Jan,

      Wow, I never thought about The Riddler being a villain, thank you for pointing that out. I don’t want to be a villain, so I guess I need a new moniker.

      Sorry you think I am a villain, because I’m not.

      Have a great Mayberry day.

      – Not A Villain –

  13. Riddler, if you cannot use your real name to post information, then your posts are not truthful or reliable. Shame on you. You are just trying to stir up more issues for our city. Residents are tired of this type of cowardly behavior. If you are going to post, then post with your real name instead of hiding behind silly names.

    The Shelley situation has been going on for quite awhile (i.e., years). Residents have complained over multiple years to city staff and elected officials. There is even a clip from a Commissioner meeting where Mayor Steingold indicates that if Shelley’s inappropriate behavior happens again, she needs to be dropped from the board. Well it has continued to happen……now is the time for our elected officials to do what is right for our city and the citizens of Safety Harbor.

    This is not an issue of free speech or the upcoming election which Shelley is trying to make it out to be. She is always trying to deflect the situation away from her. Always trying to blame someone or something else. The truth of the situation is: she is a representative of a city board (Code Enforcement), chosen by a city process and continually uses fear and harassment on Safety Harbor citizens. There is no room for this type of cyber-bullying behavior by a city Board member.

    People are angry from her tactics and are standing up to her cyber-bullying behavior. That is the reason for the citizen outcry. She should not be representing any citizens of Safety Harbor as a city Board member. These behaviors are a disgrace to the city of Safety Harbor.

    • Susan,

      I am not going to use my real name, and I am not trying to stir up anything. I am simply pointing out there is another FB page that is stirring up more poo than a pig sty. There is nothing I’ve said that is negative or hurtful against anyone, nor do I ever plan on doing so.

      I understand you all are distraught over the SSH FB page, but what I don’t understand is why you wouldn’t be upset over Sprawling, which is anonymous, unless you know who is behind it. I certainly don’t. Sprawling is using a pseudonym of sorts and you aren’t calling them out as silly. Why not?

      I haven’t said anything nasty about anyone, called anybody names, told lies, compared anyone to Hitler, put anyone’s home address online, etc.

      So, because I am not using my real name you think I am stirring the pot? Why is that? How exactly am I stirring the pot Susan? I haven’t condoned SSH and I certainly don’t condone Sprawling. It really doesn’t matter if you think my posts aren’t truthful or reliable, because the majority of my posts are subjective in nature, and IF I post other information I, myself, would guarantee it’s factual because I don’t want egg on my face, nor do I want to spread misinformation. Now that would be stirring the pot.

      Of course, my guarantee probably doesn’t mean squat to you, but it does to me.

      I am sorry you feel this way, but that is your right.

      – The Riddler –

  14. This is not just happening during election time and the City Commissioners and Mayor have received not only email complaints but have met in person with many citizens regarding Shelley Schellenberg’s Saving Safety Harbor FB page. I have emails dating back to 2014 and copies of posts (most have been deleted) from 2014. Harassment not about political candidates but about residents homes. To name only a few she has posted our deed of sale but took it down after getting comments that the post was disgusting, a photo of our home showing the address, and personal photos. She calls this FB page a forum but how can it be a forum if your comment is deleted and you are blocked if you do NOT agree with her???
    Free speach is very important and I am not asking anyone to tell Shelley Schellenberg she can’t speak her mind but she should not be on a City Board representing all citizens when the citizens fear retribution if they disagree with her views. It happened to us. Many have thanked us and others for speaking out and said they would too but fear retribution. That is not right. Let her spew all the hate towards neighbors or political candidates she wants as long as she it not on a City Of Safety Harbor board representing ALL citizens.

  15. There is no room for this kind of cyber-bullying by anyone let alone a city Board member. This person is appointed by the city commission to serve residents! And instead is attacking them. Thank you Commissioner Diaz for your leadership. You are so right, this is so across the line and this is not how Safety Harbor should be represented. We all love Safety Harbor, its quaintness, and this abusive behavior by a commission-appointed Board member needs to be stopped. She needs to be removed from the board immediately. This is a sad day for Safety Harbor.

  16. I would like to know why the Facebook Page Sprawling Safety Harbor isn’t be called out for harassment and all its vile, over the top postings. Postings on this page put SSH to shame.

    Comparing .Janet Hooper to Hitler, unfair comments, unflattering photos, lies and being downright hateful.

    For all anyone knows, the indivdual(s) behind this page could be a Commissioner, board member, or city employee, so why isn’t this being addressed? There are folks definitely not telling the truth out there in FB land.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Why can’t we all get along? Support your candidate in a positive light, leave your opponent alone, and campaign on your own good merits and qualities, because this hateful nonsense is all about the upcoming election.

    Once the BS starts flying, it all breaks loose, everything escalates and it all turns ugly. It’s makes me sad and mad that its like this because it doesn’t have to be, but it’s obvious we all don’t play well with others and I suspect we never will.

    – The Riddler-

    • Riddler – please use your own name. You said before you fear retribution, well welcome to the club. This is what anyone who has spoken up against the vile posted on Saving Safety Harbor gets when they do not agree with her. I promise you will not retribution from the Connect.

      That being said, I agree this is BS and has been for the past 3 years. It starts back to the Saving SH FB page that pits neighbors against neighbors. Why would anyone be so hateful about new homes and new people coming into Safety Harbor? You would think they would welcome them with open arms but sadly that is not the case. We were here not even 2 years when we had our first encounter with Shelley and I will be happy to sign an affidavit and even take a lie detector test. I remember as it was yesterday. We were in our drive coming back from walking our dogs. She was canvassing handing out cards about trees and the new townhomes. Both my husband and I said we love the new townhomes and welcome new neighbors. She went on about how horrible those townhomes are going to be for the downtown and they had to take a tree down to build them. We said we will have to agree to disagree and then…. wait for it….. “Do you know who I am?” We both looked at each other and said no we don’t. “Shelley Schellenberg, Code Enforcement”. I introduced my husband and me and said nice to meet you and we still agree to disagree. Now, Riddler you have to omit that was not an introduction but a threat. Then the code violations starting coming in. So yes, we understand retribution and will not tolerate it. No one should. I mean, come on – who says “Do you know who I am” unless they THINK they are self important or have authority.

      We have asked several long term residents if Safety Harbor has always been this way and they said absolutely not and trace it back to the tree protest at the spa. That is when Saving Safety Harbor started posting photos of homes if a tree was removed even with proper permits, blasting new homes and the builders, promoted boycotting downtown businesses that did not agree with her, and that is just naming a few. Again pitting neighbor against neighbor.

      • Desanya, and I hope soon to be able to call you Desi. I just heard from someone else they had a similar encounter with Shelley. I am so sorry I doubted you and others. My bad.
        -The Riddler-

      • NOTE THE DATE January 2015
        From: shellyschellenberg@hotmail.com
        To: mspoor@cityofsafetyharbor.com
        Subject: RE: Desanya Daly
        Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 15:53:02 -0500
        Please disseminate this to ALL parties who have been copied on any emails concerning this matter, including the attorneys involved, and especially Attorney Nate, who will be addressing the Code Enforcement Board this evening.
        Let me begin by telling you all that I have never received a copy of the email that Desanya Daly sent last February until today at 2:30 pm.
        However; I recall the incident clearly. I was helping a neighbor (Bob Hempel) pass out campaign brochures and he handed one to a man on the street. The man was with a woman and some dogs on the street. What started as a friendly chat about development in Safety Harbor disintegrated when the woman said to us, “If you are so concerned about the city, why don’t you volunteer on a committee, like my husband does, on the Museum Committee?”
        I had no idea who she or her husband was, but my response was: “Yes, we both volunteer. Bob (Hempel) teaches kids to read, and I volunteer on the Code Enforcement Board.”
        Upon hearing the words: “Code Enforcement” the woman flew into a rage, and very loudly informed me that:

        1. She was furious that she had to ask for a variance for her carport, that she should not have had to get this variance.
        2. “It’s all about money here in Safety Harbor”.
        3. That “you people” are just jealous because “you can’t afford to buy a big house”.

        I told her that
        1. Code Enforcement has nothing to do with variances, and
        2. that I had no knowledge of her carport or her variance, and
        3. that she doesn’t know anything about me.

        Bob apparently already knew her, and he just walked away. She was clearly agitated, and after a few moments, I walked away as well.
        Bob and I split up, and I went one way and he went another. Bob later informed me that she came “looking for us” again later, and found Bob. She continued to “give him a piece of her mind”. I did not know her name until Bob told me later that evening.

        Months went by without incident, but about 4 or 5 months later, at about 9:30 at night, I was in my living room when I heard a commotion outside. Someone was yelling in front of my house. Believing that it must be a neighbor, I stepped outside, and although it was dark, I could hear a woman yelling my name. I asked, “who are you”?, and she answered Desi Daly. I asked “what do you want”? She began yelling again, that she “saw me drive by her house and give her the finger”. Not (immediately) remembering who Desi Daly was, I said I don’t even know where you live. She gave her address, and repeated that she SAW me giving her the finger. I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about. She again yelled that she SAW me because she has a security system.

        That’s when said: “Desi, I think you have a mental problem”, and I went back inside my house.
        The very next day, Desi came to my house AGAIN, at around 10:00, she came up to the front door and rang the bell. My husband answered the door, and she asked if I was home. My husband stated “no, she’s at work”. Desi did not say anything more and left.

        It is clear that there is someone here in Safety Harbor that doesn’t like Desi Daly, but I do not do “drive – by – bird- flipping” to Desi or anyone else.
        As for her alley, I heard about her attempt to have her neighbor’s bushes pulled out and saw a posting on a friends’ facebook page, and maybe this is what has triggered her new complaints about me. I really don’t know. I have nothing to do with the alley that she shares with her neighbors, although I AM sympathetic to her neighbors.

        I have been accused by Commissioner Diaz of “trespassing and harassment” two unlawful activities. He has called me a “Gestapo”. Apparently, based solely on this woman’s year-old email, that has suddenly resurfaced. The email is not credible, and has no basis in fact.

        But, Carlos Diaz is fervent in his goal to “kick her off” the code enforcement board.
        Isn’t it odd that Carlos is so hell-bent on “kicking me off” when an election is coming up?

        Isn’t it odd that Carlos doesn’t want to find out the facts?
        Is it simply coincidental that Carlos (and Desi) don’t like my political views?
        I think not. It is simply a political move.
        I have served on several advisory boards throughout my career. I was the chairman of the Grievance/Ethics committee for the Board of Realtors and served for several years on Professional Standards, and on the Board of Directors. I have held numerous licenses, registrations, and certifications in the medical field, as well as holding a broker’s license and a builder’s license for nearly 30 years. I have practiced law for 8 years, and in more than 40 years, I have never had a complaint against any of my professional licenses.
        But Carlos would have you believe that I am “trespassing and harassing” people. Serious allegations for sure, but simply not true.
        I don’t know who-all received the original email, or whatever she sent recently, but the Code Enforcement Board should not be denigrated by her false claims against me.

        Shelly Schellenberg

      • Desanya Daly, we are still waiting for the results of your lie detector test. Anyone who knows both of us do not believe a word that you or Mick say about us. Your neighbors may be afraid of you, but we are not, and we will call you out for your nasty and dishonest comments. I will stop telling the truth about you when you stop lying about me.

  17. Diane,

    Are you going to apologize to Sharon for calling her out as one of the individuals who has harassed you? You don’t even know her, so why would you do that?

    Shame on you.

    – The Riddler –

      • Hi Ian,
        If this directed at me, I suggest you ask Ms. Bouida. She too, knows the truth.

        Thank you,
        – The Riddler –

        • Well Riddler, Why don’t you ask Sharon to tell you why she has accused me of sending hate mail (it wasnt me , I guess it was someone else she was hateful to) to her home and don’t try to defend it because she screamed it in front of city hall for many to hear. In fact all she did was scream and accuse me of things to the officer for about 30 Mins. . She has been very vocal about Iron Age and others who have wanted to invest in SH so stop acting like she is so innocent. I normally stay out of this nonsense but I have had enough of the bullies who serve on a city board. One is gone and I guess there is only one more that needs to be addressed. Heres a thought maby if you all were nice, people would be nice back to you. Also if you cant post and use your real name it is hard to take you seriously, I had to make myself known so stop being a coward and post with your name and stick by what you say. This will be my last post on these subjects. I am done with this nonsense.

          • Diane,
            I appreciate your response, but keep in mind, as you said, several people saw what happened. You can say what you want, but I don’t think it was Sharon doing all the screaming. What about not even knowing who Sharon was?

            Since you don’t intend to respond, I will leave it at that. Whether you believe this or not, I hope your home gets finished soon and you can move in and enjoy Safety Harbor.

            – The Cowardly Riddler –

          • I guess I need to respond to this since you wont let it go , I was in a building with one other person and someone came charging after me screaming to pick a fight . I was quiet at first because the officer made me stay inside but she kept on and on outside screaming because we heard her in the building and as usual I had to defend myself, I guess you were one of her friends that was standing next to her so maby you need to check your hearing because the officer spent at least 30 mins. trying to get her to be quiet and leave he would not let me go to my car. Let me also make clear I have mailed no mail to her home as she believes I did. She needs to blame someone else for that. I see she wrote a unwelcome response to someone else here on the connect after they said they wanted to buy a cottage , knock it down and build a bigger house because they have kids, so I am not the only one who is a target. Funny I believe I just saw a cottage knocked down by Schelley (I could be wrong but many others have told me) Sharon herself will tell you that I had talked to her about a month ago in the street so you cant say I have never met her, but sometimes I dont recognize people right away ( and I was caught offguard when she came after me) since so many have come up to my home. Maby she also needed to stay offline and stop writing nasty remarks about newcomers moving to town while she was also on the city board. As I said before everyone has free speech but not while on a board , they should not be able to write anything negative while representing the city and its citizens. Shes not on it now so she can write her opinions about new people and new houses. No I don’t believe you want me to enjoy SH because you would not support people who go online and do this behavior if it were true, and its to late to enjoy it now because of how upset my 78 year old mom is not moving in with me from how people have acted toward us for no reason. Also if you had any kind of integrity you would put your real name on your post, because it looks like you are also a bully making comments and hiding

        • Ian,
          I realized Ms. Diane Bouida was right. I am appalled to realize this has been going in Safety Harbor. The city I love. And I am so sorry I did not see the truth before. My bad.
          -The Riddler-

          • A travesty, no one deserves to be treated unfairly, let’s hope this city can finally come together. Diane and her family deserve to live in peace. Come on folks, let’s be nice to each other.

            – The Real Riddler –

  18. Gee I wonder who is telling the truth. I’ve been hearing and reading these awful stories about the SH code enforcement for years. I guess we’re all supposed to believe the numerous citizens and business owners in SH making similar claims are all liars. Those poor innocent meek and mild code enforcements officers!

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