Commission approves participation of 13 nonprofits in Safety Harbor centennial celebration

The Safety Harbor City Commission recently approved a recommendation by the Centennial Committee to allow 13 local nonprofits to participate in the city’s signature centennial celebration event.

The decision, which came during the May 15 commission meeting, means a baker’s dozen organizations will split the proceeds from the Centennial Folk and Fruit Fest and Games event, scheduled for November 18 & 19, 2017 at the Waterfront Park.

Safety Harbor’s Centennial Fruit n’ Folk Fest and Games, the city’s signature centennial event, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 18 and Sunday, Nov. 19, at the Waterfront Park and Marina.

The list of the 13 nonprofits is as follows:

  • Safety Harbor Library Foundation
  • Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce
  • Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMC)
  • Paint Your Heart Out Safety Harbor (PYHOSH)
  • Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center
  • The Ian Tilmann Foundation, Inc.
  • Safety Harbor Veterans of Foreign War
  • Embracing Life Through Love, Inc.
  • Paddle For Kids
  • Merchants of Safety Harbor (MOSH)
  • Safety Harbor Museum of Regional History
  • The Rotary Club of Safety Harbor
  • Safety Harbor Kiwanis Club

Prior to approving the committee’s recommendations, the commission discussed the details of the disbursement of the centennial event proceeds.

Safety Harbor City Commissioner Cliff Merz.

“I presume if there are proceeds that are distributed, we would get a listing of how those proceeds were utilized?” Commissioner Cliff Merz asked.

City Manager Matt Spoor said they will receive a report of the revenues from the event, including the net-proceeds and how they are being distributed, especially since the city has allocated $44,000 from the $50,0000 centennial event budget to the festival.

“We’ll be heavily involved on the expense side of the event,” Spoor said. “But we will require a report of the revenue side of the event and the net proceeds and how they were distributed so we can then report back to the public the good will that was generated by the event.”

Spoor then asked if the commission is okay with the committee disbursing the proceeds as they see fit without seeking prior approval.

Safety Harbor Vice-Mayor Carlos Diaz.

“I have no problem with that, as long as everyone on that committee is agreeable as to how the proceeds are going to be divvied up,” Vice-Mayor Carlos Diaz said, noting he wants the disbursement of the proceeds to be handled prior to the festival.

Merz concurred.

“I agree, I think ahead of time would be far better than after the fact,” he said, adding, “We’re giving the committee the confidence in the hard work they’re putting into doing it, I think that falls into the purview.”

Spoor also gave updates on several centennial related items, including:

  • A Centennial Gala is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 14
  • The centennial dolphin has been purchased and is waiting at the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center to be decorated before it is revealed at the festival in November
  • Several smaller events that were going to be organized by Caryl Dennis have been cancelled, including a talent show, the construction of centennial hats and a reunion welcome party. When contacted about the decision, Dennis had no comment.

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