Young Reporters of Safety Harbor Archive

Jim Sweeney by Daniel J.

The common lesson you can learn from having a conversation with

The History of Starbucks – by Gaby J.

Who doesn’t like Starbucks? Starbucks has great coffee, frappuccinos, tea, and

Young Reporters Are Ready to Write!

It’s time once again for the Young Reporters of Safety Harbor

Growing and Great Health by Tyler Grace, age 11

Even though many tourists flock to Safety Harbor Spa to relax

Poisonous Plants of Safety Harbor – by Harmony (age 8)

When people think of poisonous plants they think:Poison Ivy.But there are

Introducing the Young Reporters of Safety Harbor

     Remember when summer meant no school, swimming in whatever water

The Ghosts of Safety Harbor – by Marley S., age 8

There are lots of ghost stories in Safety Harbor. One ghost