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United in the Spirit of Thanksgiving


Each morning, I look up to the heavens and give thanks to God.  At the same time, a Muslim woman starts her day in thankfulness to Allah.  God of Abraham/ God of Ibrahim: One God . . .  for Christian, Jew and Muslim.

In a nearby town, a homeless man gives thanks for the sun that warms him as he stretches into wakefulness on a park bench. I give thanks for the same sun as it illuminates my woodland backyard.

A mother, children in tow, continues her trek northward to the border and gives thanks for the promise of freedom. From the comfort of my living room, I give thanks that my children are already raised where freedom for them is possible.

A young woman awakens from surgery thankful that her cancer was caught in time. while I give thanks for four years cancer free.

A teenage runaway looks up at the stars, and in a spirit of thanksgiving, wishes for a better life. I look up at the exact same stars and give thanks for wishes fulfilled.

Surrounded by family, I give thanks for a festive Thanksgiving dinner. Across town, surrounded by family, a father gives thanks for a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner, provided by volunteers at a soup kitchen.

Diversity of backgrounds

Diversity of circumstances

United in the spirit of Thanksgiving


written by Amy Bryant, Safety Harbor resident blogger 

Amy Bryant

Author of You Can Go Home Again




  1. This is just beautiful, inside and out! Truly,a woman with strength and dignity, and has no fear of the future!

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