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The 6 o’clock Hour


Seated at a table, colorful sails overhead,

Waterfront Park, Safety Harbor.

Enjoying peaceful respite with a friend.

We’ve completed our walk.

To our right, the popping of a cork,

wine shared by nearby picnickers.

It’s dinner hour.

The evening throngs have not yet arrived.

Facing the Bay, water ripples peacefully.

Tampa’s buildings a muted gray.

The sky, an expanse of blue,

not yet illuminated by the pinks and purples of sunset.

Low humidity this evening.

A steady breeze penetrates the warm temperature. 


Escape from the other 6 o’clock hour.  

CNN/FOX news blare out the latest jabs

from left to right and right to left.

The ongoing report of American divisiveness.

Seeking a calmer world view,  

I switch to BBC news.

Muslims brutalized in northwest China.

Bullets, bombs and their aftermath

continue between Russia and Ukraine.

Woman in Iran murdered

for wearing her hajib incorrectly.

The 6 o-clock hour…

Waterfront or TV news

Two different realities.

One world.

written by Amy Bryant, Safety Harbor Resident Blogger
Author of “You Can Go Home Again

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