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Seeking Common Ground


The expanse of my backyard,

second story perspective

in the treetops,

blue sky peeking through.

Where are we headed?

Humanity at a crossroads,

at least in this country.

Turn from tv news

and the divisiveness of social media,

search for the comfort

of common ground.

Tired of dissent and political separation;

racism, sexism, and all the other isms.

Old ways of thinking and reasoning 

morph into an ill-defined paradigm.

What will save us from ourselves,

thrusting us into a new way of coalescing,

uniting us in appreciation, not hatred

of our differences?

Compassion, kindness, hopefulness, respect.

These are the seeds

free from the chains of politics.

Planted in fertile soil,

they nourish common ground.

written by Amy Bryant, Safety Harbor Resident Blogger
Author of “You Can Go Home Again


  1. Amy a most moving piece of art work! WOW I love it! Thank you! I will share it so others may get to enjoy and perhaps become moved to do better.

  2. Well my friend thank you for this poem. It is a most poignant and elegant poem. It actually gave me chills up and down my arms. Art can do that. It calls us to care for one another.

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