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Human Books needed for Human Library


The Safety Harbor Public Library is hosting a Human Library in the future and is recruiting human Books. During the event, Readers check out human Books for one-on-one conversations with the goal of fostering dialog that challenges stereotypes and prejudices.

Do you defy a stereotype and have valuable experiences Readers could benefit from learning about? Are you motivated to help challenge stigma and stereotypes through dialogue and personal conversation?

The idea for the Human Library was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. Participants can “borrow” a person for a conversation and build a positive framework, in a safe space for conversations through understanding.

For more information on how to become a book and share your experiences, please visit https://cityofsafetyharbor.com/952/Human-Library or contact: Lisa @ lkothe@cityofsafetyharbor.com or 727-724-1525 x4106. For more information on the Human Library organization, visit: https://humanlibrary.org/

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