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Finding Common Ground


I was attracted to Safety Harbor because of the Spa. I moved here because of the small town sense of community enhanced by pristine natural beauty – and yes, because of the Spa. But the oak trees are being cut down, their roots torn from the earth to make room for a carpet of concrete where our automobiles will rest. So I stood on the corner of Main and Bayshore with my sign: “Honk if you love trees.” Mine was not a hostile statement against anyone, it was a statement for something.






There is a relationship here between the people and the natural environment. We feel the energy of Safety Harbor. In fact, it has been described as an energy vortex, some  of which emanates from the Spa, for without the spring waters, a gift from nature, there would be no Spa and Resort drawing people from around the world to its healing waters.

Much of Safety Harbor’s energy emanates from the earth, and the flora springing forth from the ground. The oak trees are a huge part of our inheritance from nature: majestic, protective, a comforting reminder of the small towns where many of us grew up, and many others wished they had.

Without the Spa, Safety Harbor would not be a flourishing destination spot. Without the community, the Spa would be merely an oasis. More than a building for profit, for many of us, it is a hub of social interaction. We who live here are informal ambassadors encouraging visitors to become members, and eventually to become residents.

The outside world is full of We vs. They. In Safety Harbor, there should be no they. We are all intelligent people capable of finding a way to create common ground, so that community, business, profit and yes, our majestic oaks can flourish.

Amy Bryant


Amy Bryant

 Author of You CAN Go Home Again

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  1. I am also for trees, and like you, I also moved to Safety Harbor due to the city’s uniqueness and its beautiful tree canopies. I have numerous 100-year old oak trees that I value and care for on my property in Safety Harbor. Unfortunately, the current owners of the Spa did not place the same value in their 100 year old oak trees as I do. I strongly believe that we all need to be good stewards of our natural environment. We need to place a high value on preserving our environment and assist all of the wildlife that need these trees to survive. The Spa, whose business promotes natural healing and the health benefits of our local mineral waters, should be leading the way in promoting our natural environment and not destroying the beautiful tree canopy located on their property. Although I also do not like to have an “us vs. them” philosophy, I believe that when I see someone unnecessarily destroy our natural environment for profit, I will state my objection to this. This is why I went to the recent protests and held a “Save the Trees” sign.

  2. Good story … GREAT story. You’ve hit the most important points.You always do. I would not have been so kind. I want to know who the arborist [hired to condemn the trees] has cocktails with at night. Deb

  3. Amy, this is most helpful and we need to bring out as many positive solutions as possible concerning our town’s trees and our approaches to growth and development. One solution for the Spa parking lot so that it need not be covered with concrete would be for them to use open brickwork as many enlightened people do to provide firm parking surface as well as open spaces within the brick for 9drainage. It’s a smart way to solve the problem of needing firm surface and porous surface at the same time. Some people in town already do this.

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