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Final Warning


DimCasaDear Neighbors at DimCasa,

I hope that you and yours are having a stellar holiday season.

I’m writing to tell you that I’m considering letting you go. I know it sucks getting fired during the holidays.   It happened to me once.   I also know that you mean well, and have tried hard over the years in your own way. This being said, I may reconsider and give you ONE MORE CHANCE.

When I hired you several years ago I chose the special package which included phone, computer, and cable TV. It was a DEAL for 59.95.   I’m no fool.  I knew that 59.95 was not going to be the actual bill.   You see, I’ve been around since Vision Cable was 9.50 a month, before most of you were born!   I knew there would be taxes and fees, and fees for fees, and taxes on fees … the usual.

But there are a couple things on my bill that puzzle me. For example, what is a Regional Sports Network fee for 2.00 a month?  I HATE sports.  I would rather have a sharp stick in the EYE than watch sports.   And what is a Broadcast TV fee?   I thought anything on the damned TV was broadcast!  It wouldn’t be ON if it weren’t broadcast.

People tell me I should drop my landline and just use my cell. But my landline seems to be the only thing that usually works, except for today. I toyed with dropping it, but you guys assured me that it is less expensive to go with a package deal rather than ala carte.  (That’s French for off the cart.)

We’ve had many, many nice conversations over the years. And I’ve been visited by some fine young techies as well. They are always polite when they tell me I should unplug the power source and plug it back in, then wait for all the little lights to come on across the modem.   This is how I get my Wi-Fi and Internet to work most of the time!  I crawl under my desk, unplug everything, wait, then plug everything back in.  Sure enough, it usually works!  The Wi-Fi is temperamental though.  When I unplug my laptop to bring it in to the living room so my friends and I can watch You Tubes of Donald Trump, (and laugh until we almost pee,) it doesn’t work.  We have to crowd around the plugged-in laptop back in my office where the litter box is in close proximity.  It’s just not worth it, even though I use a high-quality clumping litter.

On weekends I work overtime from home in order to pay my DimHouse bill. Unfortunately, after I log on to my remote computer and begin to work, I lose connection.  The prompt is very polite when it says it is trying 1 out of 20 times to connect, then 2 out of 20 times, then 3 out of 20 times.  You get the idea.

I am convinced that you are mocking me with the cable TV. There are only two or three channels I watch at the end of a long day before I nod off.   I like Bravo and sometimes Lifetime when it involves the Little Women of Anywhere or the Long Island Medium.  50% of the time I get a black screen with white words that say, “[my favorite channel here] is currently unavailable. Please retry later.” It never works later. But if I put on a show that I can’t stand, like Inside the NFL or Celebrity Wife Swap, it’s ALWAYS available.  It’s as if the cable knows what I want to watch, then takes it away from me, like Lucy snatching the football from Charlie Brown, leaving him flat on his back with nothing but trust issues.

The worst is the remote. Punch this, then this, then this, then that again, and then punch the power button. The TV light comes on, but not the cable light.  I punch again and the cable comes on, but the TV light goes off. This happens numerous times before I hurl it against the wall.

I have learned to “trick” the cable by punching the power button until the TV light comes on. I turn my back to the TV and point the remote at the window, on the opposite side of the room, while pretending to look at the stars or play with the cat. I mash the spongey little cable button, listen, and mash it again until I hear a click.   The cable light comes on, the TV light STAYS on, and there’s the news! It’s a wonderful feeling.

But then I punch in the numbers for Bravo. “We’re sorry. Bravo is currently unavailable. You must watch something you hate until you fall asleep. Also, we know how much you love Project Runway, so that station will be unavailable as well, but only on the night that it airs. Please try again later.”

My point is, dear DimCasa, you have 30 days to make things right so that all I have to do is start my computer anywhere in the house without crawling under the desk. I only have to push one button to fire up the TV, which will not have a picture like a jigsaw puzzle and will not tell me that my shows are unavailable.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask, given that the bill has quadrupled since I hired you.

Consider this your written warning.

~written by Deborah Klein, Safety Harbor resident blogger


  1. Deb, love your letter and agree 100% with the fact that these cable companies are ridiculous. I have WOW and have very few problems with them and they are excellent at getting the problem fixed asap. Their prices are good too. You might want to give them a try and if you do tell them I referred you so I can get the $25 credit… good luck

  2. I completely relate, except for the Trump and cat litter. Why do we pay for stuff that doesn’t work??? I want to find a media company that will make it easy for me to switch. No new emails, etc.

  3. Wow! Your comments came in the nick of time. I’m having the same problem with that landline company. Having to reset my modem several times a week to get emails and internet. Bill keeps going up and up and service gets worse and worse. I was going to check into bundling with DimCasa (with whom the Condo Association has a cable contract) but sounds like their internet service is no better. I’m definitely not impressed with their cable reception. Although it probably won’t do any good but while I’m under my desk unplugging and resetting my wifi I might just draft letters of complaint to the FCC and Florida Public Service Commission

  4. OMG – I am so with you on the unplugging (not laughing at Trump or litter box) but feel the pain crawling under the desk to unplug the modem. I love sports but why charge the extra $2? I don’t get special channels for sports, only the basics. And why is it when you check your bill every month (I have 4 accounts) it is different? I have to spend my valuable time every month calling customer service and then get the apologies and credit. Charge me what you quoted me every month. PERIOD! I would love to say “You are fired” but I have to have wireless for my work and the other cable company is no better.

    • These comments came out just in a nick of time because I have the same problem with that land line telephone company. Crappier and crappier Internet service that I have to reset several times a week yet my monthly bill sure keeps going up. I was going to transfer over to DimCasa but sounds like they are no better. Guess it’s time to draft complaints to Florida’s Public Service Commission and the FCC the next time I’m under my desk pushing the reset button

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