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Favors From the Universe



When it comes to favors, I’ve always been conscientious about returning the favor with one of equal value, and always directly to the giver. Awhile back, as I was in the process of becoming single again  and relocating to Safety Harbor, countless brand new friends came forth and  helped, giving me a seamless transition through their generosity; their favors. With diligence, I paid back their kindness offering traditional Safety Harbor currency: wine and/ or a trip to the giver’s restaurant of choice.

But there were times when I could not reciprocate at the appropriate level, and I always felt guilty for my shortcomings.

About five weeks ago, I received a surprise phone call from a childhood friend.  ”Amy I just had to track you down and tell you that if it hadn’t been for you, I would never have finished high school.” She went on to relate that she had a learning disability (back when we were in school these weren’t diagnosed), and that I had helped her with her school work from sixth grade through high school.  She had gone on to get a Masters in Education and just retired from a successful teaching career.

The favor that spanned a six year period had occurred over fifty years ago.  And it was all news to me.  While we were kids, I was just doing what friends do for each other … I had no idea of the impact it had from her perspective.

But my friend’s story taught me a lesson in giving and receiving.  The Universe does not operate on our system of reciprocity … the Universe does not think in terms of “tit for tat.”  When we give from our hearts with no thought of return, our rewards come from unexpected sources; unexpected people.

So, my dear Safety Harbor friends … I’ve tried my best to return all your favors.  But if I’ve missed anybody, don’t worry. The Universe will reward you when you least expect it.

Amy Bryant  Amy Bryant

  Author of You CAN Go Home Again

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  1. The universe is abundant, as your the most graceful example of this law, I could possibly be blessed to know.

    • Thank you, Troy, for your heartwarming words. You are one of those Safety Harbor people that I could never adequately repay.

  2. Amy I’m sure you forgot about your giving to a friend. You are a cheerful giver. It is good to give and forget your kind acts. I once met a care giver who was responsible for one person. When he was done with his charge he did kind acts for others. When I recognized his kindness he said “perhaps one day someone will do something for my child .” I never forgot that.

  3. Amy, you always have a stunning way to find the heart of a thing without enlisting verbosity and ego. I think this is one of my favorites, [of your observations]. It is true that many times, maybe MOST times, we are unaware of the ripple effect of our actions. Thank you.

  4. Amy, this is truly beautiful. There have been several people who have helped me through the years, and I cherish each of them. I am so glad to know you and have the opportunity to read your blog!

    • Laura – You are one of those people who I could never repay at the level that you deserve. I can only hope to pass it forward.

  5. Amy – love your story! It’s like a cool soft breeze floating you into the New Year.
    When are yo coming back? Isn’t it too cold up there for you?
    Keep writing, please. See you soon – Gisela.

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