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Exiting The Tunnel


There’s light at the end of the tunnel. How often have we heard those words? For most of 2014 I lived in the tunnel. On January 1st, I made my exit.. What a glorious way to begin 2015!

Cancer thrust me into the tunnel. But as I looked around in front and in back, I saw others sharing that dimly lit space. Sylvia lost her five year-old child. Brittany’s husband was paralyzed in a motorcycle crash. Jack, with two kids in college, was laid off from his job.

We all had one thing in common: our lives were going pretty much according to plan, when we were suddenly blindsided.

I was sustained by hope, by faith, by anger, by determination, and the knowledge that the tunnel was temporary – I didn’t belong there forever. At times when I thought my God had failed me, I held on to friends and family who reached towards me, propelling me forward by their love.

Some people exit the tunnel with a great spiritual epiphany that proves life changing. I must confess, I had no such experience of enlightenment. I have an absolutely clear understanding of what constitutes quality of life for me, and an insistence upon having it. I must dance, and write, and travel North to visit my family. I must cancel a doctor’s appointment in favor of the beach, and of course have chocolate whenever I want.

My exit is more like a resurrection, recapturing what I had lost, but not just returning to the old me. Perhaps, through the process of renewal, a better version of myself is emerging.

Despite my determination, things are not always to my liking. . If you look closely, you’ll observe tears in the fabric of my life. But I’m cultivating the quality of adaptability, as I experience the lesson of life’s unpredictability

Living in the now has become this era’s clichéd philosophy of life. I was raised in the generation that was taught delayed gratification … to plan for the future. Well, my future is here, and it’s not always according to my plan. But as I exit the tunnel, I am guided by the cliché, and I embrace the best of each moment.

Amy Bryant


   Amy Bryant

   Author of You CAN Go Home Again

Check out my e-book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/U3NfzG


  1. Dearest Amy you are a gifted writer who expresses so well the vagaries of life. Bless you and your talent. Love, Rhea

  2. What lovely and inspiring words! You did the tunnel experience with such grace and faith. I am so happy to see you dancing in the light again!

    • AMY, Karen said those words so beautifully that I would like to copy them….
      We all are on our own journey in life, I start my new chapter tomorrow
      Thanks Amy for sharing inspirational words of your own journey into the lite.

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