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The Carcasses, Skeleton in our Attics Closet


There was a time when I was thinking about entering the political arena.  In order to enter such arena I realized I have to change a lot of fundamentals issue and peal the essence of who I am.  So, I thought instead of giving them the power to do that to me.  I will regain my own control and open my closet to reveal the skeleton or open the attic and reveal the carcasses so to speak.  People love to gossip about the “evil” of humans nature forgetting there is two sides to us. I am swinging my closet door open so everyone can see what’s in it.

I am not and will never be religious.  I refuse to belong to any God who tells me to kill my brothers and sisters, because they worship other gods than (him, she, or it) and who discriminate against his own creation.  My God is colorful so he created a garden with beautiful colors and shapes.

I am for human rights it is your body you do with it as you please.  I am for gay and lesbians rights.  The heart wants what the heart wants. I am for blacks, yellows, reds, etc… your ignorant mind can’t think on its own.  Remember your God the one who created them that way, so why do you disagree with his creation.  Funny isn’t it.

I am for all living things to be protected and respected.  We all according to whatever God you believe in have the right to co-exists, so why you think your life is worth more than someone else. Even if you believe your God have given you the permission to slaughter an animal in order to survive why not be humble and kind about it.  According to some religious believes when God was wrathful many humans were cast into animals forms.  Before you kill them stop and think it could be a soul of a loved one who you are slaughtering.  Animals sense they are going to be slaughtered and if you with all your wisdom took a moment and observed their behavior you would sense their fear.

I am for the immigrants who built this country with their sweat and hard work.  Educate yourself before opening your mouth in order to understand that the only true American’s are the Indian American’s. This land does not belong to anyone of us it’s funny how Christopher Columbus discovered a land people already lives in and the “ignorant human race killed them all and when the Indian’s defended themselves they were called Savages”.

I am for advocating to let your un-intellectual mind feed on knowledge and respect, instead of ignorance and hate.  One thing for sure I will never make it to political arena since most of them are dirty and kneel only for power and money.  Laws were not made to protect the unfortunate, but the rich and powerful.

I know I will never make it since the majority of you who elect politicians are of those who have no well power to think on their own.  Here goes me politician career for the simple reason I told you the truth because you deserve to know who you elect, but you chose the one who lies to you and deceives you truth to be told “you deceived you”.

Susan Makosch20140304_155701


    • Amy thank you for your help in editing my first blog on Saftey Harbor Connect… and for your comment on my “Happy Valentines Day”…can’t wait to see you again.

    • Tony G the reply apology I posted for Chris was meant for you lol… thats what I happen for not waiting to reply from my computer lmao…once more thank you for your words of encouragement…

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