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Aligning My Emotions With My Spirit


People tend to view me as a positive woman, a strong woman, a spiritual woman, and yes, a woman who’s fun to be around. I don’t say this out of pride. I listen, and this is what people tell me. In Truth (with a capital T) this is who I am at the core. Up until now, I’ve had a long stretch of my life in which my emotional perspective has lined up with my Spirit.

So when I was blindsided with a serious life challenge, my first reaction was to be insulted. This kind of thing does not happen to Amy, the enlightened being. (Oops, I guess the element of pride is there after all.)

But when I look at it from a higher perspective, I conclude that it’s “just my turn.” The Bible says, “Rain falls equally on the just and the unjust.” So I wasn’t looking for cause. It has been said that a person’s character is revealed in the hard times. It’s the hard times, too, that test our faith. In good times, faith is easy. In fact it’s not faith, at all, it’s observation of the good.

My Spirit knows that we are created from love. Yet why is there hardship? Why is there sickness? Why is there tragedy? Strangely enough, hardship, sickness and tragedy often draw to us the highest levels of kindness and love. I’ve ceased to clutter my mind with “why” questions. My Spirit focuses on my True nature: created in love, created to be whole.

This being said, I am human, and my human response in the privacy of my own thoughts, can turn to anger, disappointment and doubt. You know what? Sometimes I just indulge those feelings. I honor their presence, call it a “relapse,” and lick my wounds, but just for a moment.

Then my Spirit whispers in my ear, “Enough, Amy, it’s time to rise.” And in the words of Maya Angelou, “I rise, I Rise, I RISE!”

Amy Bryant   Amy Bryant   

  Author of You CAN Go Home Again

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  1. Amy,
    Another thoughtful post, and I loved how you ended on Maya Angelou’s words! Yes, you do rise. Your resilience and fortitude are inspiring to me. Thank you for being one of my role models.

  2. . . . and, then there is the catch-all explanation of ‘B*A*L*A*N*C*E which also explains the up’s and downs, the rain and the sunshine and someone said once God created balance, the whole notion behind choice. I’m in over my head, here. Beautifully expressed as always, Amy. Your friend, patricia

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