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2015 Safety Harbor Candiate Profile: Chris Logan (Seat 1)

Safety Harbor City Commission Seat 1 candidate Chris Logan.
Safety Harbor City Commission Seat 1 candidate Chris Logan.

Name: Chris Logan

Age: 39

Family: Gina Logan, Wife

Professional Background:

  • Graduated from Michigan State University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.
  • Relocated to Florida in 2001, where I began work as a Civil Engineer with Wade-Trim Engineering. While at Wade-Trim I worked on several different types of design projects mostly comprised of transportation and site plan engineering.
  • Passed my professional engineering exam in 2006 and became a Florida registered Professional Engineer.
  • Accepted a position with Paradise Ventures in Safety Harbor in 2007 as a Project Manager, where I continue my career today. Paradise Ventures is a commercial real estate company specializing in various types of retail projects. Most recently our focus has been on purchasing timeworn shopping centers and updating them to fit within the local fabric of the community.
  • Additionally, my wife and I own a Bangz Salon and Spa in South Tampa that houses over 20 employees.
  • I am also a partner in Service Hub Insurance Company that writes home, auto and life insurance policies.

Civic Background (commissions, boards, organizations, volunteer, etc…)

  • City of Safety Harbor – Current Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board (10 years)
  • City of Safety Harbor – Current Zoning Board of Appeals member (4 years)
  • City of Safety Harbor – 2014 Charter Review Committee – member
  • City of Safety Harbor – 2007 Visioning Session – member
  • Old Harbor Place Subdivision – President of Homeowner’s Association
  • Cypress Meadows Community Church – Secretary of the Governing Board (8 years)
  • MATHCOUNTS Middle School Math Competition – Past Chair
  • Harbor Oaks Subdivision – Past Board Member

What made you decide to run for the Safety Harbor City Commission?

I have always enjoyed being involved in the community through various forms of volunteerism. After serving 10 years on the City’s Planning and Zoning Board I feel it is time to redirect my services to the City and the Citizens of Safety Harbor in a different capacity. I look forward to finalizing projects which I have been fortunate enough to be involved with since their inception. One of my main focuses will be the completion of the Waterfront Park in front of the Safety Harbor Spa. The current plans are lacking in park amenities typical to our area. The Waterfront Park requires these modern day conveniences to be the crown jewel of Safety Harbor. It is my goal to ensure this project includes everything necessary to reach its full potential for our City.

What do you believe is the most important issue affecting Safety Harbor today?

I believe the most important issue is maintaining the small town charm that we all have come to love and depend on. This issue is affected by many decisions made by the City Commission. If elected, I promise to preserve the small town charm that is the fabric of our community by maintaining a vibrant downtown with quality events, sustaining our tree canopy through meaningful rules and regulations, and completing the Waterfront Park.

What is one issue you would like to see the City Commission address?

I would like to see the City Commission identify goals that will improve our overall quality of life and that add to the small town charm of our entire City. Once these goals are identified, leadership needs to be exercised to ensure they are completed successfully. One of my primary goals would be to increase the tax base and add revenue so we don’t have to dip into reserves to fund a sound City budget.

If you were to be elected, what are your priorities for the City?

My priorities are simple and all of them add to the character and small town charm of our community. My first priority is to get the Waterfront Park project back on track. My goal is to deliver the high standards initially intended for this property, which were approved by the commission’s hand selected steering committee in a unanimous vote. My second priority is to pass a sound tree ordinance that maintains the property rights of the Citizens and does not penalize them for planting trees on their property.

Final thoughts?

I am an 11-year property owner in Safety Harbor with deep roots in volunteering for our community through various civil opportunities as well as through my church. I have proven leadership experience necessary to be your City Commissioner. If elected, I will work hard and be committed to giving every resident a voice in our government. If you would like any additional information about me, or would just like to have a conversation, please reach out to me through the following outlets:

Campaign Info:

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  1. I have had the pleasure to sit on the Planning & Zoning Board with Chris. In the 20 years I was appointed to P&Z, for the years that Chris served with me, he was always dedicated to maintaining the quality of life and charm of Safety Harbor. He had a love of our city and contributed his expertise in development and planning, particularly in the area of developer requests that would impact the quality of the city. His background, education, ethics and commitment to our community was impeccable. I am excited about the possibility of Chris being elected to a position where his passion for our city and his knowledge can help maintain a balance between growth and the amazing charm of Safety Harbor.

  2. Having known Chris and his wife for over ten years as Safety Harbor residents, I would be proud to have Chris represent the folks of Safety Harbor as City Commissioner. As a bright, caring, hardworking and very supportive neighbor, Chris will put the interest of the citizens of Safety Harbor first and foremost. If the past is any predictor of the future, Chris will bring that same focus and can do attitude while listening to the needs and wants of all our residents in this wonderful community we call Safety Harbor.

  3. I grew up with Chris Logan and have watched him give 100% in everything he does whether it was a sport, project, schooling, or different volunteer work he does in the community. Chris is an honest hard working man with great leadership skills and I think he will do what it takes to help Safety Harbor thrive in the future.

  4. Chris possesses the focus, intelligence and common sense to see things through to their best outcome. Additionally, his incredible personality shows his dedication, concern and excitement for the city he loves and its citizens. He is a refreshing, trustworthy candidate.

  5. I’ve known Chris, and his lovely wife for over six years. He, and Gina are selfless in their devotion to the church. If any measure of a man can be attributed to his family, then betting on Chris is a sure win. He’s level headed, and a wise counselor, never failing in taking the lead in whatever is asked of him, seeing the project thru to completion. He helped me and my family in difficult times never asking for remuneration, and refusing it when offered. A trait not so common these days. He has my full support, as well as I believe, those who know him.

  6. Chris has the work ethic and honest fabric to keep Safety Harbor on track to becoming the gem of Pinellas county. With his proven leadership skills Chris would be a great addition to the leadership team of Safety Harbor!

  7. Chris Logan has the experience, intelligence, and quite frankly the patience, required by a local representative to be effective in their role. He is well known throughout the community and would be a perfect fit as A Safety Harbor Commissioner. My wife and I are in full support of him.

  8. Chris Logan is my neighbor since we moved in in 2008. Not only is he a great person, wonderful neighbor but also very caring for the community and people. We live in OLD HARBOR PLACE. He is our President and is very thorough in every issue and project brought up to the board. I serve with him as Vice President and have the experience of seeing him in action with the zest and vigor as our leader.
    He will be a definite asset to serve as our commissioner in our city where we live.
    If he is not voted in, it will be a great loss to the City of Safety Harbor and all it’s people.
    Joe & Victoria Duran

  9. Chris Logan is a good man.. Kind caring intelligent and honest.. He loves to helping his community.. He would make a great addition to any city…. Highly-qualified and highly recommend…

  10. Chris Logan is a man for the community. He has been very successful in his different projects and businesses. I believe he is the best choice for Safety Harbor City Commissioner because he will fight to make Safety Harbor a better place. He believes in the saying there is no place like home and his home is Safety Harbor. A vote for Chris Logan is a vote for the betterment of Safety Harbor.

  11. Chris is the leader we need on the commission! I’ve worked with Chris on the Planning and Zoning board for the past few years. He is thoughtful, measured, professional, knowledgable, and considerate of all viewpoints. He does not have a conflict of interest, like his opponent, which means he would be a true voice of the residents that would be able to vote on all matters the come before the commission. Chris is the representation we need!

  12. Chris is intelligent and doesn’t view differing opinions as an impasse to progress. His community roots and relationships with community members help insure he will have Safety Harbor’s best interests at heart.

  13. In addition to Chris’s impressive resume, he’s got strong personality traits that make him a natural leader. He is willing to sit down and have a conversation with anyone who approaches him, and is not only intelligent, but upbeat. He’s a got exactly what Safety Harbor needs to move ahead as a central destination in north Pinellas.

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