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Unanswered Candidate Forum Questions


Two weeks ago, tonight, City Hall was standing room only. Not an empty seat in the house as residents listened to Safety Harbor’s election candidates field questions from the Women Voters of North Pinellas County. The event was a success, but due to the overwhelming number of candidates running, time was an issue. The event lasted more than 2 hours, but because there are a total of 7 candidates, each person was given only 2 minutes for responses – of which many believed to be too short of a time period to assess who the best choice was for them personally. So in proper Safety Harbor Connect spirit, “ask and ye shall receive”, we have heard the resident’s plea for more information about all of these candidates, and decided to do something about it.

Submit your forum questions hereWe need your help in collecting some “unanswered questions” for what is being called, Safety Harbor Connect’s “On-line Forum”. All questions that are submitted will be completely confidential. The questions that are most similar and numerous, will be selected for each of the candidates to answer. We will select one question daily and allow the candidates 24 hours to respond, without length restrictions. Stay tuned for more information on the format and organization of this on-line forum, but for now please submit your questions in the form below:

Submit Your On-line Candidate Forum Questions In The Box Below

  • Please be detailed and specific with your questions. If you have multiple questions, separate them with spacing on the form.
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  1. What are the views of the candidates on medical marijuana in the state of Florida? If the medical marijuana amendment is passed by the Florida voters in November or the current, proposed medical marijuana bill is passed by the Florida legislature (which has a proposed enactment date of October), will the candidates permit dispensaries (i.e., retail stores) in the city of Safety Harbor? Thank you.

  2. Why small businesses are kept away from thriving? It looks like only Liberals win in this town. Should I wear a funky hat when presenting my business or attempting to register to an event to ensure acceptance? Some of the decisions made by allegedly representatives of the town are simply dumb and counter-free market. Who will fix this subjective process?

    • Thank you for the question Nicole, we have added it to our list of questions. If you think of any more, please submit them in the box above. Thanks for being involved!

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