My Litany of Thanksgiving With Compassion

I am thankful for my beautiful home overlooking picturesque woodlands . . .

yet my heart goes out to those victims of Hurricane Matthew who no longer have a  home at all.

I am thankful for my children and grandchildren . . .

yet I grieve with the mother who walks behind the casket of a son or daughter shot down on the streets of America, or on the battlefield of a foreign land.

I am thankful for my recovery from cancer allowing me to dance and play and exude life as before. . .

yet I feel the pain of those still suffering, perhaps with their second or third round of chemo, or even worse, having lost their battle.

I am thankful for my Social Security and pension . . .

yet I worry for those who fall below the living wage, and are unlikely to amass the funds to relax into retirement.

I am thankful for my passion for writing gifted to me later in life . . .

yet I am saddened for those who have ceased to grow, but sit zoned out before the TV in a state of boredom.

I am thankful for my diverse community of friends . . .

yet my heart aches for those who are lonely or outcast.

I am thankful for my beautiful surroundings: sunshine, small town, waters of the bay and gulf  . . .

yet my heart is heavy for those trying to survive in the cavernous depths of rat-infested  slums with no hope of escape.

I am thankful for my Faith which sees me through the hard times that occasionally interrupt the joyous times . . .

yet I anguish for those who feel defeated and hopeless.

I rejoice and give thanks for my many blessings…

yet as I look upon those who suffer, I strive to offer more than just my prayers and a loving heart filled with compassion.

Amy Bryant


written by Amy Bryant, Safety Harbor resident blogger

Amy Bryant

Author of You CAN Go Home Again



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