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Happy Valentines Day…


This is for the ladies.  I am not sure what’s significant about this day, and why this would be the only day to celebrate love.

If it were me, I would rather have a man who brings me flowers “just because.” A man who can’t keep his eyes off me when I enter the room for the simple reason that I take his breath away.  Who if I am feeling sad wipes my tears, and while I am in his arms whispers gently into my ears, “I am here, you’re not alone.” Who secretly glances at his watch and thinks to himself, “I can’t wait to go home to see my best friend.” A man who every time we make love makes it feel just like the first time.  Who opens the door for me, remembers my favorite music, opens the car windows and the sunroof just because he knows that’s the way I like it.  A man, who looks at me and knowing he can’t sing, still sings for me “Andrea Bocelli.”

Who holds my hands to make sure that I am always connected to him and by his side.  Who at night light candles, cooks dinner, open my favorite wine, pours a glass for me and say “relax”. When he’s in the kitchen, he keeps coming towards me, pulls me to his chest and sneaks a kiss; then returns to make sure dinner is still good.  Someone, who values my gentle soul, kind spirit, and warm heart.  Who wants to have children with me so he always have a piece of me with him “till death do us apart.”

I know most of you would say that I must be dreaming, but I am not.  Ladies “Chivalry isn’t dead,” men are just tired of being accused that they don’t care.  A man want you to see him the same way he sees you, but the majority of you ladies seem to be so taken by commercialized “Valentin’s Day” that you have forgotten to count your blessings.

If you have a man who fits the description above and you don’t value him, I am single… please send him my way. Out of 365 days I would rather have 364 days of happiness than 1 day of valentine.

Susan Makosch

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