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City Manager honored with credentials designation


Matthew Spoor, City Manager of the City of Safety Harbor, recently received the Credentialed Manager designation from the International City/County Management Association.

Matt Spoor has been City Manager of Safety Harbor since 2007. (City of Safety Harbor photo)

According to the ICMA, to receive the credentials, “a member must have significant experience as a senior management executive in local government; have earned a degree, preferably in public administration or a related field; and demonstrated a commitment to high standards of integrity and to lifelong learning and professional development.”

Spoor is one of more than 1,300 local government management professionals credentialed through the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program.

“Our City Manager has been doing an amazing job working with all of our employees and with our City Commission to make Safety Harbor such a wonderful place to live and raise a family,” Mayor Joe Ayoub said in a press release. “We are lucky to have him as our City Manager and look forward to the many great things ahead for us with his continued leadership.”

Commissioner Nancy Besore, in the same press release, added, “I am proud of Matt’s commitment to continuing education and professional development at the local and state level.”

“This designation recognizes Matthew’s commitment to not only his own professional development, but also his commitment to the City of Safety Harbor and its residents,” said Casey Cook, executive director of the Florida City and County Management Association. “Participating in this credentialing program is voluntary – demonstrating he’s not only qualified for but dedicated to his role as city manager. I commend him on taking the initiative and I congratulate him on the achievement.”

Spoor has been City Manager since 2007, previously serving as Assistant City Manager and Leisure Services Director for Safety Harbor and Recreation Manager for the City of Largo. He is a member of the Florida City and County Managers Association, where he serves as the District Seven FCCMA Board Director and the 2020 FCCMA Annual Conference Host Chair. Spoor also is the chairman of the Pinellas County City/County Managers Consortium.


  1. Matt, Joe A, Carlos D and many others at City Hall are doing their utmost to insure that Safety Harbor continues to grow and flourish for the residents of our beautiful town. Thank you, all!

  2. Congratulations, Matt, on receiving the highest-level certification for public service managers. I’m sure you worked hard (in your spare time!) to complete the required classes and exams. Of course, the formal classes and testing do not overshadow the GREAT work you and Safety Harbor city employees do on a daily basis. You make a tough job look easy — that’s the hallmark of a true professional!

    • You, sir, are sure putting a lot of faith in an individual who knows nothing about running a city and even less about fixing your creek. Safety Harbor would be reduced to a pile of embers before Tanja Vidovic would face up to being ill equipped and tempered for the job of being mayor. This is even more evident (and terrifying) knowing she wants to fire our city manager, arborists, and who knows who else at city hall. Tanja doesn’t really care about the stability, sustainability, and success of Safety Harbor. She cares about imposing her extreme views on a not very extreme leaning community…and, of course, being the center of attention. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Congratulations Matt you have done a wonderful job of managing out city and I appreciate all the effort, attention to detail and consistent commitment to treating everyone fair and equal in their ideas, complaints and demands that often get placed on you to reconcile. You Do a wonderful job and are most deserving of the recognition you have recurved. We are all so proud to have you as our city manager.
    Best Wishes to a you, yours and the wonderful city staff you have organized and operated so efficiently.
    Grateful Thanks Capt. Ray R Irvin

  4. Residents,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    A day doesn’t go by that a resident, business owner, guest, or neighboring municipal partner isn’t complimenting the City for the interaction they had with our incredible employees. We have many passionate public servants who work hard every day to provide the services, programs, and activities that make Safety Harbor the incredible community that we all love. They do so with a level of customer service that is unmatched in local government, anywhere. Each employee makes me and the City Commission look good on a daily basis. The City cannot accomplish everything we do without an incredible team. I am fortunate and truly humbled to be leading such a remarkable team. Where I do not take my leadership role lightly, make no mistake, our employees deserve all the credit for a job well done!

    Have a great day,

  5. Matt
    Congratulations for receiving this long deserved acknowledgment of your ability. You deserve a large share of the credit for the amazing revitalization of Safety Harbor since 2007.

  6. Matt is definitely the best City Manager that Safety Harbor has ever had. He runs our city very efficiently and effectively. He has extensive knowledge of our government and all of the issues confronting Safety Harbor. As our City Manager, Matt has successfully overseen the upgrading of our infrastructure, the addition of Mullet Creek Park, Folly Farm, the Waterfront Park, Baranoff Park, and the transformation of our downtown into one of the best and most vibrant in the Tampa Bay area. Congratulations Matt for another great achievement.

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