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Applause to the Media


Applause to the Media

By Amy Bryant

The scene opens. There’s a large house in the background, and two White guys creep towards it in the darkness. A sturdy Black man appears, arms crossed, legs firmly planted on the ground, as he booms forth the words, “Don’t even try it . . . I’m ADT.”

My applause to ADT for reversing the stereotype and sending an enormous subliminal message: in this commercial, the Black man is the protector, the Black man is looking after the affluent person’s home. From the well appointed suit he’s wearing, the Black man is earning a good living – and more importantly, an honest living. In this unusual scene, the Black man is the good guy, and the White guys are the bad guys.

Flipping the channels, I come across the beautiful and accomplished Anchor Person Veronica Cintron, delivering the news and standing proudly with her baby bump in full view. Why do I applaud News Channel Nine for this? Because it symbolizes progress in my lifetime – the reversal of limitations formerly placed on women and cultural minorities. The anchor person is a woman, she’s Latina, and her pregnancy, not hidden behind her anchor desk, is out front and camera-worthy.

And one more shout out to News Channel Nine. Although they continue to feed us the typical local news menu of robberies, assaults and murders, they consistently portray the good news in their Everyday Heroes segment. Here, individuals of all cultures, and ages are featured for their unselfish contributions to our local communities, and even worldwide. A grandmother named Nisha Mandini spanned the generations by starting a group for teens to visit people in assisted living residences. She intends for the youth to “build empathy and compassion,” and the elderly to “feel empowered and loved.”

I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction: What we focus on is what we create in our lives. It’s easy to criticize the media for its negative focus. That’s the reason many people turn away from the networks. Yes, we need our critics to keep our society on its toes. But when we see the good where we least expect it, we must applaud.

Amy Bryant

Amy Bryant

    Author of You CAN Go Home Again

Check out my e-book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/U3NfzG


  1. Amy,
    Very nice! I love that you have found positive things about the media. I’m sorry I missed this in last week’s writer’s group!

    • Thanks, Nicole. You know me, I’m on a quest for identifying the positive as we move forward in our society.

  2. Funny you mentioned Veronica Cintron. I was just thinking a coupke of days ago why there is a news banner across her stomach region so often. I will have to turn on the news more. Thanks for your perspective on these timely issues.

  3. Nice and uplifting message. Love the ADT message! I never watch the news because of all the negativity, so it’s good to read that they are actually sharing positive things from time to time.

  4. And what is good about distorting reality (lying) to make white people look bad? ADT has been doing this for years. It’s politically correct nonsense designed to put reality on its ear and smear white people.

  5. And applause to Amy! I noticed the same things you did, Amy, and liked them – but I did not write about them, did not let anybody else know how I felt about this. Since I fully agree with you, I’ll say again: Applause to Amy!

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