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2014 Safety Harbor Wine Fest: What You Need to Know

Wine Fest 2014
The 2014 Safety Harbor Wine Festival is Saturday, Nov. 1 from 5-11pm.

Tonight is the night of the 2014 Safety Harbor Wine Festival, and here’s all you need to know if you’re going:

  • The Downtown District will be packed with people (and some pets)
  • There will be wine. Lots of it. Many, many, many, many, cases and bottles and glasses filled with it.

Seriously, not much more needs to be said about an event that in just over a decade has become one of the biggest of its kind in the Tampa Bay area.

Since its inception in 2002, the Wine Fest has seen its attendance double, from around 7,000 patrons at the first event, to more than 15,000 people in recent years. And city officials are expecting another big turnout this year.

“Thanks to this cooler fall weather, plus Daylight Savings Time and the Jolley Trolley, Wine Fest should be another huge event for us this year,” Safety Harbor special events director Joe Cooper said during last night’s Main Street Trick or Treat event.

“But Wine Fest is huge for us every year,” he added. “It always brings a lot of people downtown.”

The wine-soaked festivities kick off at 5pm, and last call for the night is at 11pm.

In between there will be plenty of live entertainment scattered up and down Main Street, the bars, shops and restaurants will be open late, and did I mention there will be wine?!

Here’s a look at what else you need to know if you’re going to the 2014 Safety Harbor Wine Festival tonight:

Wine Fest
Safety Harbor Wine Festival
  • What: 2014 Safety Harbor Wine Festival
  • When: Saturday, Nov. 1
  • Time: 5pm – 11pm
  • Where: Main Street, from Bayshore Boulevard to 8th Avenue, downtown Safety Harbor
  • Info: More than 100 types of wine and over 100 vendors will pack downtown Safety Harbor for its 13th annual ode to vino. Live entertainment will be scattered all around town, and the local bars, shops and restaurants will be open late to accommodate the revelers.
  • Cost: Free admission; drink tickets cost $3.00 and $5.00. Note: You must purchase a drink ticket in order to obtain an alcoholic beverage!
  • Beneficiaries: Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center; Ian Till Man Foundation; Lion’s Club of Safety Harbor; Elena Tresh Foundation
  • Parking: Any of the public lots, including across from City Hall on 8th Avenue South and behind the Harbor Pointe complex at the west end of Main Street; side street parking available where permitted. Note: Main Street will be closed from noon until midnight for the event.
  • Contact: City of Safety Harbor, 727-724-1572
Scene from the 2013 Safety Harbor Wine Festival.
Scene from the 2013 Safety Harbor Wine Festival.

Entertainment Schedule: (Note – live entertainment will be taking place all over town)

8th Avenue Pub Stage (Across from Fire Station #52)
5pm – Bet Me I’m Lying
6:30pm – The Benders (rock)

Burgess Heating and Air Stage (John Wilson Park Gazebo)
5pm – Sol Caliente (Jazz)
7pm – Phillip Booth Trio (Jazz)
9pm – JR Farley Trio (Jazz)



  1. The pleasure was all mine, Dan! Thanks to you and your wife for your continued support of Safety Harbor Connect.com. I look forward to seeing you around the Harbor again soon!

  2. It was great meeting Jeff Rosenfield at the Safety Harbor Wine Festival this evening! I saw this guy taking some pictures of some wine bottles at a booth on the street in the middle of hundreds of people, and said to my wife, that has to be Jeff. We called out, “Hey Jeff!” and he came over to say hello. I had never met Jeff and had no idea what he looked like, but when I saw him taking photos, I knew it had to be the one and only, Jeff R of Safety Harbor Connect! Keep up the awesome work, Jeff! We love Safety Harbor Connect!

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