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Will the House Take It All


If you flip a two-sided coin you have a fifty-fifty chance of guessing right. If you listen to two sides of a story you are twice as likely to make an informed decision. I think we can all agree that using a one-sided coin is cheating. With this logic, then we should be able to agree that by only listening to one side of a story you are more likely to be cheated out of making the right decision for yourself.

This article is not meant to diminish COVID-19 or disprove any medically noted recommendations. Below you will find both sides to the story. From there, you can make a decision for yourself and have a fifty-fifty chance of being right. After all most everything in life is a gamble.

          COVID-19 has been detected in patients dating back to 2019. Italian cancer institute analyzed blood samples of people enrolled in a lung cancer screening trial starting in September 2019. They found COVID-19 antibodies in 16 of the 959 enrollees. In February, five months later, a cluster of 33 positive blood samples were drawn. This study shows an earlier circulation date among asymptomatic individuals than previously known. This discovery of asymptomatic patients not creating a deadly outbreak is worth noting. According to media reports on MSN, unpublished Chinese government data shows the first case of someone suffering from COVID-19 was on November 17th, 2019. 

It is widely accepted, including by the head of China’s Center for Disease and Prevention, that the virus originated in Hubei, China. Personally, I cannot find how this is proven or provable unless it was man made. There is much debate amongst virologists about where viruses in general come from. According to the Britannica Dictionary, Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites; they can replicate only within a living host cell. A host is originally infected with a small number of virus particles and then becomes sick one to two days later as the viruses replicate within the body. The body fights the virus; Therapies can help in this fight and vaccines can help prevent the virus from replicating in the body.

Studies show COVID-19 travels in droplets from the host via sneezing, coughing or talking. It infects others through the eyes, nose or mouth. The CDC originally suggested people stay 6 feet apart to help prevent the spread. While this is an understandable preventative tip, Japanese researchers have simulated a situation with 10 people in an enclosed space – the size of an average school classroom. When someone coughed, as expected, the larger droplets fell to the ground within one minute. But 20 minutes after the cough, the micro-droplets were still floating in the air – and had spread through the entire room. However, when a window was opened in that classroom, the micro-droplets were quickly swept away in the breeze. Any airflow, it seems, will get rid of the super-light particles. Multiple studies do show masks can help in the case of direct respiratory droplets, which would matter if you were coughing, breathing, or sneezing directly on someone’s face.

The CDC has added on the website to the prevention tips section; Wearing masks in public, even when you don’t feel sick, will help protect others in case you are infected. The CDC does not recommend wearing a mask as a prevention for any other Disease or Condition listed on the website, even those that are respiratory in nature or those that are more deadly. There is a pixel to particle conversation algorithm experiment Martin Fischer accomplished with a laser, a box and a cell phone camera in which he concludes, “I cannot find definitive data proving masks prevent people from contracting COVID-19.” Danish researchers & the Naval Medical Research Center found that there was no statistically significant difference between wearing a mask or not in preventing people from contracting COVID-19.     

Credit: Florida Atlantic University
(a) A face mask constructed using a folded handkerchief. Images were taken at
(b) 0.5 seconds, (c) 2.27 seconds, and (d) 5.55 seconds.

COVID-19 has not proven to be as deadly as first feared. Scientists and researchers estimate that the overall recovery rate is between 97 % and 99.75 % for those positively diagnosed. The experts don’t have information about the outcome of every infection and are only using the data of confirmed COVID-19 cases. According to the seven months of CDC collected data, 6% of deaths reported are caused from COVID-19 and 94% of the reported deaths had an average of 2.6 additional conditions or causes of death. The media is not reporting this data honestly. There is a scientific difference between caused and contributed. Recovery rates are not being reported or taken into account at all. When first diagnosed with cancer, survival rates are discussed. It is the first thing discussed because this estimate is vital in determining every day decisions from then on out.

Age% of Total DeathsSurvival Rate (All Health Conditions)Survival Rate (Healthy Individuals)
0-44 Years3%99.67%99.96%
45–64 years18%97.77%99.76%
65–74 years21%91.33%99.06%
75+ years58%79.16%97.75%
Coronavirus Bell Curve | Daily COVID-19 Statistics for the United States

Corona Virus is not new, neither are respiratory viruses.

What is new is this notion that the Government shutting down the economy will STOP the spread of a contagious virus with a low death rate.

Stories From a Small-Business Owner: My View of Coronavirus and the Restaurant Business | The Motley Fool

Movie theaters are only allowing 40% capacity to lower the patron’s odds of contracting COVID-19. Delta, Alaska, American and Southwest Airlines among others are leaving the middle seats empty to lower the odds of contracting COVID-19. This is not a scientific solution. It is a logical and mathematical gamble.  Airlines are at 70% capacity from this time last year. As of the end of summer, Yelp data states 97,966 of business closed will not reopen. That is almost 1 million entrepreneurs who have to fold. Despite their losses, Apple, Big Tech (Facebook, Amazon & Google) profits rose. Facebook is up 29%, Amazon 197% and Google 59% this last quarter according to Vox. As of October the U.S. unemployment rate is 6.9%, that’s almost doubled from November 2019. Contact free service is being used for the first time in a wide variety of industries. How many of these industries will eliminate those service positions permanently?

We often use the analogy you have a better chance of being struck by lightning. No-one calls that insensitive even though lightning does in fact kill people. We use this as an example to put odds into perspective because we all are familiar with lightning. COVID-19 is still new and it is human nature to be scared of the unknown. What is not new is the fight for democracy and human rights. According to the report produced by Freedom House the condition of democracy and human rights has deteriorated in 80 countries, the United States being one of them! The longer we let Government be “The House” and determine our odds, the more we are guaranteed to lose.

Coronavirus Bell Curve | Daily COVID-19 Statistics for the United States

Dr Fauci who first claimed the virus was nothing to worry about than used the Imperial College Model (2.2 million US deaths) to support a National Lockdown. Dr. Fauci is on record agreeing that masks don’t help respiratory viruses. Once masks became a part of the CDC recommendations, Dr. Fauci claimed if 80% of the population just wore masks, we could flatten the curve. Over 80% of the population regardless of mandates, have been wearing a mask. The curve has not flattened yet the death continues to drop as unconstitutional mandates grow. Would a nationwide mask mandate for 100 days work or will the curve flatten in 100 days regardless? In 100 days from Inauguration Day the vaccine will have circulated, the weather will have warmed, and more citizens will have developed immunity naturally. But without the mandate, our Government can’t take credit.

You decide, has the Government’s cure been worse than the disease? Will small business get a chance to gamble again or will Government continue to stack the deck for big business?


  1. Dr. Fauci claimed if 80% of the population just wore masks, we could flatten the curve. Over 80% of the population regardless of mandates, have been wearing a mask. The curve has not flattened yet the death continues to drop as unconstitutional mandates grow.
    How do you know this?

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