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Vote for Your Favorite REAL Fun Mascot!


Real FUNThe 2014 Safety Harbor municipal election may be over, but now another organization in town is asking for your vote.

The city’s leisure services department is hosting a contest to select the character that will represent Safety Harbor’s REAL (recreation, events, arts and leisure) services and promote the REAL mission, which is to increase the quality of life through parks, events, recreation and play for residents and visitors.

According to recreation superintendent Shannon Schafer, the REAL mascot will be used at school programs, educational programs, and events, and they want members of the community to help decide which entry will be the winner.

“What’s REAL without community?” Schafer asked. “That’s why we’ve taken the brainchildren of our REAL Fun team, and we’re reaching out to the community for their involvement in the selection process.”

Schafer and department officials are asking people to visit their website, SafetyHarborRecreation.com, or visit the Community Center or the Rigsby Recreation Center, in order to vote for their favorite candidate.

Choose one of these five candidates to become the next REAL mascot.
Choose one of these five candidates to become the next REAL mascot.

Voters have five REAL Fun candidates to choose from:

  • REAL Fun Rick loves parks and playgrounds, tennis and skateboarding. Rick is like any other Safety Harbor kid!
  • REAL Fun Ranger loves the outdoors and he encourages everyone to eat a well-balanced diet and stay active.
  • Ambassador of Fun loves being active especially running, and he is currently training for his first 5K.
  • REAL Fun Phil was born in Safety Harbor and his ancestors were known to discover grapefruit and Philippe Park.
  • Phiona Fun knows the importance of eating healthy and doing well in school, and she values family and friendships.

The voting period ends at 5:00 on Saturday, Mar. 22, and the winner will be announced soon after.

Officials are urging people to cast a ballot for their favorite candidate so the new face of REAL Fun will truly represent the people of Safety Harbor.

“We’re so excited about this project!,” Schafer said. “We can’t wait to introduce the winning team member to the community!”

To vote for one of the REAL Fun mascot candidates, visit the city’s leisure services department website at SafetyHarborRecreation.com or vote in person at the Safety Harbor Community Center (650 9th Ave. S.) or the Rigsby Recreation Center (605 2nd St. N.) Voting ends at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Mar. 21.

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