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Library Collecting Items for Centennial Time Capsule


The Safety Harbor Public Library is inviting community groups, service organizations, schools, businesses, and residents to contribute items for consideration for placement in a centennial time capsule. The Library is seeking ideas for objects reflecting Safety Harbor’s community and contemporary daily life and has outlined some guidelines to ensure items have the best chance to remain intact when the capsule is opened in 50 years. Items proposed will be evaluated for inclusion in the time capsule. To suggest an item, please complete the short form located on the rotator on the Library homepage. Selected items will be collected in early November, inventoried and stored away for their five decade rest at the Library.

 Items to avoid because of their tendency to decompose include pressure sensitive adhesives, such as masking tape, electronics, newspapers, audio or compact discs, silk, wool, nylon, or rubber. Suggestions include, brochures, calendars, maps, local magazines, menus, meeting agendas, newsletters, old and current photo comparisons of buildings or locations, a photo of current City Commission, centennial pins, specialty items from your business or service organization, aerial photos of the city, etc.  In mid-September, the Library will offer journals at a City facilities for community members to write or draw in to be placed in the time capsule.

Contents of a time capsule from 1987 will be shared at the October 16th Commission meeting where a letter written 30 years ago to the current commission will be opened by officials. For more information, please contact the library, shplref@cityofsafetyharbor.com.

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