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Fate of Safety Harbor Post Office up in the air

The Safety Harbor Post office, located at 303 Main Street, is searching for a new location due the impending expiration of its current lease.
The Safety Harbor Post office, located at 303 Main Street, is searching for a new location due the impending expiration of its current lease.

For nearly 130 years Safety Harbor has had a post office, dating back to when the community was known as Green Springs, prior to the city’s incorporation in 1917.

But due to an expiring lease at the office’s current location at 303 Main Street, that longstanding occupancy could be coming to an end, and sooner rather than later.

Representatives for the United States Postal Service sent a notice to Mayor Andy Steingold in October 2016 stating, in part, the Safety Harbor post office “is considering relocating the current retail services being provided at 303 Main St…to a yet-to-be-determined location as close as reasonably possible to the existing location.”

With rumors swirling that the PO could move to Oldsmar if a suitable location in town is not found, postal officials have scheduled a public meeting for Wednesday, March 15, at 4:30 p.m. at the site to discuss the relocation and solicit feedback.

A copy of the letter a USPS official sent to Safety Harbor Mayor Andy Steingold in September 2016.
A copy of the letter sent to Safety Harbor Mayor Andy Steingold in October 2016.

According to one Safety Harbor Post Office official, the plan is to remain in town—for now.

“We’re going to stay in Safety Harbor, we just have to find the right location,” the official, who wished to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to comment on the subject, said.

“But any time a post office moves, there has to be a public meeting. That’s why we’re holding the meeting on the 15th, to get feedback from residents and officials and to hopefully find a suitable location.”

The official noted that the relocation effort has been in the works for quite some time, although it is just now getting more attention, possibly due to the accelerated timeframe.

“(The move) was originally scheduled for late 2018, but that has been moved up,” he said. “It’s been known for a while now that this was happening, but it seems there’s been more talk about it in the last couple of weeks.”

Indeed, as word of the impending closure has begun to spread throughout town, residents are expressing their thoughts on the fate of the Safety Harbor post office.

Safety Harbor has had a post office since 1890, nearly 30 years prior to the city's incorporation in 1917.
Safety Harbor has had a post office since 1890, nearly 30 years prior to the city’s incorporation in 1917.

“I’ve heard two rumors—one that it’s moving to Oldsmar, and two that’s it’s going in the bank building next to Applebee’s on McMullen Booth (Road),” Mike Hornbuckle said as he sat outside the branch on Monday morning.

Hornbuckle said the face of Main Street would certainly change if the post office were to move, but he added the priority should be keeping postal service in town.

“It’s up to a private developer to come up with the space, but city officials need to be as proactive as possible in order to ensure the post office remains in town,” he said.

Another postal customer, who asked to remain nameless, said he was sorry to learn the current post office would be closing.

“This little building here is part of the fabric of our community,” the elderly gentleman said.

“It’s going to be sad to see it go.”

3/7 UPDATE: According to a USPS spokesperson, the current landlord plans to redevelop the site and the Postal Service is not part of the new development. The current lease will expire March 31, 2019.  The Postal Service will not be closing the Post Office.  Operations will continue at the current facility until they locate a new site.

Harborites, how do you feel about the Safety Harbor Post Office situation? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. As a resident of Safety Harbor the fact that the Post Office was relocated to unbelievably busy McMullen Road is a huge issue. Can someone please fill me in on what happened here? It’s disappointing that there was effort made to save the Main Street location but that this never happened, and it’s definitely an inconvenience now to send mail, buy stamps, send a package, etc. Such an inconvenience. Also so sad that I keep reading about so many people wanted to save the charm and quaintness of Safety Harbor, and each day I walk around and see things that are taking us in the opposite direction. All of need to get more involved.

  2. As a newer resident here, any update to the relocation? How about the warehouse area near the train tracks? Would that work?
    Thank you.

  3. I am surprised there have been so many comments about the Post Office. What income does the Post Office bring to Safety Harbor? Now that we have a new commission I think the condos would be perfect for the smart growth we need to make Main Street active and vibrant. Think about it…do we not pay most bills on line?

    • Miss Troll is very upset with the election results and has no clue of the downtown vision the citizens voted for. Obsessed with condos aren’t you? Try to focus on a vibrant walkable community with a charming but busy downtown, waterfront activities and new residents. With hard work it can happen.

  4. Whom approved Condos….on Main Street?? Really? This seems to have stamped The Fate of safety Harbor Post office. Hmm…hometown swank Post Office or ugly condos, must of been a money driven decision! Hold the decision maker of this…..feet to the fire!! ??

  5. Welcome back to middle school everyone – reminds me of a bunch of kids the way everyone is acting here!!

    Good night, can’t we put politics aside and focus on the real issue – we need to come together and do what we can to keep the post office in our downtown! If the post office goes away then that will affect all of us who live here (including political candidates and their mudslingers).

    Let’s work together and keep the post office in downtown – it’s a critical piece of Safety Harbor.

  6. A Post office has long been the symbol of a city, town or community in America and to the World. A Safety Harbor Post Office located on Main Street or nearby downtown is critical as a symbol Fo our place on the America landscape. Moving to Oldsmar or any other place that’s not a prominent located in our SH community is saying we don’t matter among Florida Cities. We can not loose our SH community Post office without losing a large part of our identity .

  7. Maybe the new management company raised the post offices’ rent and it’s an exorbitant amount that they don’t want to pay? I would think the cost of moving would be pretty exorbitant as well…

    • No they did not raise their rent. The lease expires and they are not offering a renewal. Let’s hope they will stay in downtown or at least in the downtown district. Love being able to walk to the post office.

  8. The P.O. Boxes are stuffed at (I believe) 10am. A lot of boxholders grab their mail, put it under their arm and cross the street to my store, Antiques To Aardvarks, to see what’s new. Over the past 4-1/2 years, I have developed relationships with these local townspeople and look forward to chatting with them while they browse and shop my store. I catch up with what’s new with them and they the same with me — and my store. If the post office moves, I will obviously miss their sales but more importantly I will miss them. The fabric of Main Street will definitely not be the same if the Post Office moves. It is the hub of the wheel.

  9. Has the Post Office considered moving to a location on 9th St. or in that area? Seems like it’s very close to downtown, and many places have easy in and out parking with room for a drive-through mail box. As a resident, that is something I would love.

  10. I can’t help but think that instead of all the rancor. Perhaps a thoughtful and respectful consideration of all points of view should be considered to determine a synergistic solution. Remember you were created with one mouth and two ears (hint listen twice as much).
    There will never be a perfect solution, just one that addresses the most concerns.

  11. I saw someone on this thread comment that Mr. Ayoub might not be running clean campaign? I found that post laugable. From the beginning, the tactic from Hooper supporters has been to lie to and deceive the residents of Safety Harbor. It’s been shameful. Absolutely shameful. (No, Mr. Ayoub did not approve the condo midrise, nor did he increase it’s height, nor is he a Scientologist, and no to a dozens other lies the Hopper side put out there). The residents of Safety Harbor don’t like being lied to, so no thank you Ms. Hooper. Ayoub spent half of his campaign getting the facts out to residents and it seems the other half sharing his vision for our town, which many people agree with. A vision lost on the current commission, including Ms. Hooper, considering our Main Street has been under achieving for many years. And then, Ms. Hooper copies Mr. Ayoub’s ideas (for instance, hiring of a economic development official; Ms. Hooper has been in office for 2 years, and just now she’s proposing that, based on an Ayoub idea?) Again, laughable. Mr. Ayoub has run a clean campaign that stuck to facts and vision. If he wanted to run a dirty campaign, he would have slammed Ms. Hooper for the fiscal irresponsibility of losing her home to the bank, yet he hasn’t made that an issue or brought that up (yet she wants to control tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and budget?!?). Seems clean to me. He comes across as professional and competent to me, and seems like a leader to me. Mr. Ayoub got all 4 votes from our household!

      • I am only one in my house with dogs! I am voting tomorrow at the library and Joe sir, you have my vote. Thanking for trying Save the Post Office and this quaint sp coal community the way it is and still growing the businesses and community. Seafood Festival was
        Awesome yesterday I went to it and the Open air market on 4th and Main just lovely. Break a leg tomorrow ?

    • Thank you Melissa! Joe got 6 votes from our family. It is great to have family living in Safety Harbor now.

  12. Andy Steingold, I am embarrassed for you as the mayor based upon your comments as written above. Usually, individuals leave office on a high note of pride but your behavior and actions puts you in the category of leaving with a very bruised ego and your need to lash out with comments that are extremely unbecoming of an existing mayor. There is no room for this type of behavior in our city. We need individuals that are going to work hard for our city and not let their personal egos speak out. The comments made by Debra are so true and the post office situation is another example of why we cannot have Ms Hooper, who is currently a commissioner be elected as Mayor. There is no leadership when it comes to decisions greatly affecting our Main Street. If there wasn’t an election, we would of totally lost our post office as it would of been quietly swept under the rug with no chance at all. At least now, we may still have a chance with saving our post office with Joe running for Mayor.

    • Hi my name is Desia. I recently fulfilled my dream to move into Safety Harbor the first week of February 2017! I cannot invisionthia beautiful wonderful
      City with out the Post Office on Main! There must be a way we can all get together with the City , grants etc to buy that property? Has anyone tried this? Owner inter stud in working out some kind of deal? There is room for the Post Office to expand in its same location? I like what you have said here. Yes they should stop the bickering and work together to some thing for the residents & saving the Post Offic! How about a Campain to Save Our Post Office Downtown on Main? It appears to
      Me a new registered / resident that Joe is the persons for the job of Mayor

  13. Mayor Steingold – thank you for responding to my post, but your assessment of my involvement in the community and my record is not very accurate or objective. Let me first start off by saying that attacking me for losing two elections is just flat out mean spirited. I should point out that both elections were decided by less than 100 votes so it is hardly fair to make grand conclusions from such tight races. Furthermore, many fine and accomplished public servants throughout history have lost elections. In fact, you yourself have lost several elections, but rather than criticize you for losing I’ll compliment you for your willingness to put yourself out to serve.

    Now let me address your claim that I was “all talk and no do” and point out a few of many many accomplishments when in office. As the Mayor I passed the first balanced budget for the first time in seven years, I led the successful negotiations to purchase the land for our now Waterfront Park (which for the record if you had your way taxpayers would have spent an extra $500K for the land), I led the effort to put up the entryway signs on Main St and McMullen Booth (which you opposed), I supported many beautification programs and worked to add additional parking spaces throughout our city. There are many more but too many to mention in this format.

    And yes, as part of my campaign I have pointed out that Commissioner Hooper has not shown any leadership or taken any action with regards to the post office leaving its location on Main St. despite having known about this since October of last year. She is running to be the Mayor of the city so this is fair game, especially since this is an issue of great concern for just about every resident in Safety Harbor and revitalizing our downtown is a major issue in this campaign. After all, campaigns are about comparing and contrasting the candidates positions on issues and leadership styles. Thank you for your comments and I hope this clears some things up for you. Have a nice day.

    • Mr Ayoub

      If I am not mistaken did this current commission allow grant money to expire that was designated for the waterfront park? I understand it was a rather large chunk of change. If this is the case then who was sitting on who’s hands. Also, the fact that Andy Steingold had the audacity to state that “The city does not control or interfere with the property rights of its property owners (with an exclamation point-no doubt) is a lie in itself. Do you want to talk setbacks, what about tree removal, front porches, double lot merges? I swear the guy has selective memory loss……Just another representation of how the commission has run under Andy Steingold and would run under his like minded friend-Janet Hooper.

  14. Mr. Ayoub, during the 6 years that you previously served on the commission your involvement in the community was quite lacking. Now that you are in a heated and contentious battle for mayor you are doing quite a lot of talking. However, in the past you were all talk and no do. This election cycle you have made lots of promises and have even adopted what seems to be my prior platform from 2014. Should you have the privilege of serving this community I would encourage the citizens of Safety Harbor to hold your feet to the fire. Let’s be honest, you lost your last 2 elections due to your failure to listen to the residents as a commissioner, mayor and candidate. I understand that this time around you are on a “listening campaign”. By the way, the entire commission, including Commissioner Diaz who is also a candidate for re-election received the notice, but I do not see you knocking him, Commissioner Merz or Vice Mayor Zodrow. Again, its campaign season!

    • Hit a nerve did it? You may not be running again but that is a disgraceful comment to Joe Ayoub and I would say the same if you directed a hateful comment to Janet Hooper.

      • Joe Ayoub is a disgrace. Why should he be rewarded for allowing the harbor condos that everyone hates. and he slams the Hooper campaign every chance he gets, in site of the fact that he was going to run a clean campaign.

        • The condos were approved in 2003. Joe wasn’t even around at that time. Get the facts straight. Mr. “say no to Joe” , STOP writing misleading and wrong information. We are tired of your tactics!!

        • SNTJ- give it up with Joe approving the condos. You really should be embarrassed spreading lies and coming across and as an idiot that can’t look up the facts for themselves. They were approved in 2003. But you know that.

    • Mr Steingold
      I have been to many a meeting when Mr. Diaz would be reasonable enough for the people of the city and not vote in line with you, or Mr. Zodrow, or Ms Hooper. Also Mr. Merz is another who although not as often as I would have liked tended to go against some of you and Mr. Zodrow and Ms Hooper’s extreme views. I remember talking with you and wanting you to be my Mayor as well as everyone else’s your statement back to me that your concern and interest was in line with the people who voted for you You lost me that day. No matter what you said or did, you lost me that day. You were to be the mayor for all the people. I got sick of the wink, wink to the status quo groupies you had during the meetings. It kind of got sickening.

    • Mayor Steingold,

      Your comments to Mr. Ayoub are way out of line and just plain mean spirited. I presume you are just in a defensive mood because the post office’s certified letter was addressed to you – six months ago – and you did nothing! There was not a single mention or discussion of this, among commission members.

      To assess that this is a private issue between a tenant and landlord is incorrect. Let me give a fair analogy. If the Pinellas County government was going to relocate Safety Harbor Elementary or Middle School for whatever reason, including miles away or to another town (which the post office explored), I would think the local, city government would get involved in a major way. The local government may not be able to 100% control the outcome, nor make the final decision, but would absolutely be involved in discussions and helping influence the final outcome, and would even bring options and solutions to the table that they would like to see happen. The post office example is no different – different branch of government (federal and not county as in my example), but the same exact concept. This has to do with the greater good and welfare of our town and citizens (this is not some trinket shop that is closing).

      My 80 year old neighbor walks to the post office. In their process of looking at relocation options it’s now come out that post office officials looked at space as far away as Oldsmar? And you never entered the discussion or tried to help look at suitable solutions?

      Your commission, along with Ms. Hooper, spent 6 months debating whether side yard setbacks should be increased by two feet, yet did not even address the issue of the post office, despite notification six months ago. Complete failure.

      I hope the new commission jumps in as quickly as possible to save the post office on Main Street. Facts are starting to circulate that their current lease does not even expire until December 2019. That gives the new commission almost 2 years to help shape a good end result. If, on the other hand, the post office has already made a decision to terminate their lease early and move away off Main Street, and the city didn’t even come to the table to explore options, well, that was just extremely poor leadership on the ends of all current commissioners, and I don’t think Ms. Hooper should be mayor.

      I’d expect more from you and hope that you can keep the conversations to facts and not personal attacks on Mr. Ayoub. That was uncalled for.

    • Thank you Mayor Steingold for having the courage to say what needed to be said regarding Joe Ayoub and the new persona he has put forth in this election. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments and appreciate you making them.

      • Charrie,
        Save your energy kissing up. Steingold is not running again. And you have no clue how a city can work together to unify, assist and encourage a dying neighborhood and/or downtown to revitalize. There are many ways like tax incentives & grants. Just ask Oldsmar, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, and Central Tampa how they are doing it. It happens all across the country and we in Safety Harbor are no different except for our leadership or shall I say lack of leadership. If you remain “Status Quo” and not lead into the future, you choose the risk of deterioration. This does not mean high rise condos but does mean look toward and live for the future, not live for the past. Grow and renovate smartly.
        I am fortunate in my line of work in being able to work with city municipalities across the state of Florida, taking old shopping centers (most of the time in horrible neighbors and mostly vacant) and turning them around to be a viable contribution to the community. And you bet their city is a huge part of this. Without tax incentives and grants, most of those centers would remain vacant and only contribute a haven for drug dealers. Instead they are occupied and fit the needs of the current neighborhood. So it can and is done all the time but you need positive leadership.

    • Wow – Andy stiengold is a real bitter, mean old man….he shares some traits with Janet Hooper.


      • Saving Safety Harbor deluxe you are bitter, mean and old thinking as witnessed by your attacks on the Hooper campaign. Couldn’t you at least come up with your own name and profile photo instead of copying the real Saving Safety Harbor?

        • Where is your real name-proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Typical status quo-can’t walk the talk. I remember being at a commission meeting during the tree fiasco and asked about the people who needed to add on to a home for bringing in a family member and would have to possibly remove a tree to do so, the response to me from someone in the audience was “Then they will just have to move”. I suppose that is the same mantra that one of the status quo people used to remove a tree just recently to add a 3rd bedroom. What was ironic, that same meeting, one of the status quo people got up and stated that a “good neighbor” would consider the usefulness of a tree to their neighbors. Typical…not walking the talk. We need change in this community. the current commission, less Carlos Diaz has capitulated to the likes of status quo while not considering the entire whole of Safety Harbor. I am confident that Joe will the change we need and become a mayor for all the people.

    • Hey Andy, come by and talk to me about my new setback courtesy of a city commission who interferes with private property rights.

    • WOW ,After all the talk about ethics and comments from city officials I am shocked to see this post. Not very professional at all. At the last meeting you commented how upsetting it was to read all the internet posts and then you write this. To make a comment about Mr. Diaz and the other commissioners who have been serving with you is a disgrace.

  15. There is no doubt that we have all come to enjoy the benefits of having our own Post Office on Main Street. However, saving our Post Office is not a political issue and no candidate should make it one. To insinuate that a candidate or a commissioner took no action regarding a Landlord’s decision not to renew a lease is absolutely ridiculous. The city does not control or interfere with the property rights of its property owners! Nevertheless, in an effort to move in a non-political positive direction, I would encourage each reader and concerned citizen to attend the meeting of March 15, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. at the Safety Harbor Post Office to discuss its relocation and provide additional constructive input and ideas. “Save Our Post Office”!

    • With all due respect the criticism is not that a candidate or any member of the commission took no action regarding a landlord’s decision on whether or not to renew the post office’s lease. The real issue is that there is has been a complete lack of leadership from the commission with regards to being proactive and working with the post office to find a new location on Main St. Both you and my opponent, Janet Hooper, have known about this issue since October of last year and despite having “private” discussion with the city manager about it, the only way action can happen is if the city commission decides as a body to take action and direct the city staff to start exploring options to keep the post office on Main St. Since you and the other commissioners were made aware of this issue it has not been discussed once in a public meeting and there has been no inclination that this is even a concern of yours. In the meantime the post office has been exploring options in Oldsmar and on McMullen Booth, which obviously would be a real loss for our downtown and for the residents of Safety Harbor.

      • Our leadership needs to serve more as connective tissue and less as silo, especially in a small community. The nature and pattern of connections in a system (in this case, community) underlie its state of health, including justice, prosperity and resilience. Leadership should strive to understand, shift and strengthen connectivity; facilitate alignment and resources flows; and create conditions for action in the direction of greater health at all levels (including the private business sector). “Connection is indeed fundamental.” Source: Critical Connections Not Critical Mass, Curtis Ogden, interactioninstitute.org.

      • Joe … just to clarify. Are you suggesting that the City offer some type of incentive to help the USPS pay the rent? Or provide space in a city owned property?

        How else shoukd / could the City get involved in a tenant / landlord situation?

        No one wants to see the PO leave the location but I’m struggling to see why you think the City should be front and center in making it happen. I don’t want to assume your intentions. That’s why I’m asking you straight up what you specifically would do that the current mayor of commissioners didn’t …

    • Respectfully, attempting to save our longstanding, downtown post office should be a major concern of leadership. I think it’s appropriate to hear from our leaders and potential new leaders about this very real threat to our community. Community outcry would be the same with or without the election. The post office appears to be universally valued even in this apparently polarized community. Also, are you sure “the city does not control or interfere with the property rights of its property owners?” The recent decision to reduce R-2 zone development rights feels a lot like control and interference to this property owner.

      • Amen! Talk about contradictions. You just pointed out a major flaw in how the city is being run. They talk out of both sides of their contradictory mouths. Hipocrisy at it’s ugliest.
        Vote Ayoub, Diaz, and Long, to insure that the status quo are no longer allowed to make decisions for those of us who aren’t afraid of a little healthy progress for this beautiful city.

        • Oh sure, Vote for the guys that approved the ugly overblown condos that are being built right now. Approved when AYoub was mayor abd Diaz goes along with it

          • Not approved when Joe was mayor… JHC, get your facts straight… and i mean true facts, not Hooperville twisted facts

    • Mr. Steingold, we will continue to agree to disagree about whether or not leadership should play an active role in shaping Main Street. You, Ms. Hooper and Mr. Zodrow have consistently responded to our pleas to offer resources to Main Street and it’s deteriorating condition with assurances that Main Street is perfectly fine (you actually claimed “we have it all over Dunedin”). If you attended the candidate forum you probably now realize that the people ARE concerned about the direction of Main Street and that people DO believe leadership should play a role. To now hide behind the idea that “The city does not control or interfere with the property rights of its property owners!” is starkly hypocritical. You have consistently reached across the public private boundary to steal property rights from R-2 property owners. You reduced the amount of their land they could build on. You have reduced their ability to build a home that can suit their family. This is the very definition of interfering with the rights of property owners. In fact, you first attempted to pass an ordinance that would have forcibly combined constituents’ properties from two parcels to one, a huge reduction in value. The only reason this did not succeed was the voice of the almost 100 angry property owners which forced you to reconsider. Is that the voice you claim Mr Ayoub doesn’t listen to? You do indeed cross the public/private line. We are merely suggesting that , in the case of Main Street, this should include leadership’s dialogue, incentives and the services of an economic developer, working with private property owners, to better focus attention on something as critical as the potential loss of the Main Street post office.

    • Thank you Mayor Steingold for your clear in insightful comments on this issue. Joe Ayoub apparently does not understand the role of the Mayor and the City Commission in our government and our community. He apparently thinks Safety Harbor has a strong mayor government (it doesn’t) where he can wheel and deal on his own with landlords and developers behind the scenes. In fact, should a mayor do that, he would be in violation of the city’s charter. Safety Harbor has a city manager form of government, which means it takes a majority vote of all five commissioners to set policy. The commission then authorizes the city manager and city attorney to carry out that policy. It should go without saying that all mayoral candidates should know this before they decide to run for the office.

      • Charrie – thank you for your comments but you are completely missing my point, and yes I’m very well aware of the role and limits of the Mayor. My point is the Mayor and my opponent Janet Hooper should have shown some leadership by making this issue a priority by bringing it up in a public meeting and start working with the other commissioners and city manager to start exploring options to keep the post office in our downtown. Thank you.

        • Mr. Ayoub, as the email letter below from City Manager Matt Spoor to commissioners and commission candidates clearly shows, the city was on top of the post office issue from the beginning. You should know this since you were copied on the below email. I received this email via a public records request from the city I made to investigate your claim of lack of leadership. Your claim is false.

          From: Matthew Spoor
          Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2017 10:46 AM
          To: City Commissioners ; Cameron Boozar ; Carlos Diaz ; Damon Lister ; Janet Hooper ; Joe Ayoub ; Luanne Lambert ; Nancy Besore ; Scott Long
          Cc: Marcie Stenmark ; ‘Salazar, Damian R – Dallas, TX’
          Subject: Main Street Post Office Update
          Importance: High

          City Commission and Commission Candidates,

          The attached letter received on October 27th has been posted at the Post Office since February 24th along with the attached Notice of Public Meeting and Comment Period. All part of a relocation due diligence process undertaken by the United States Postal Service. There is a public meeting scheduled for March 15th at 4:30pm at the post office.

          The October 24th letter from USPS Real Estate Specialist, Damian Salazar, was received and shared with the City Commission. Private conversations between individual City Commissioners and myself have occurred as a result of this letter. City Staff have been monitoring the relocation due diligence process since the letter arrived. Needless to say, the City Commission wishes for the Post Office to remain in Downtown Safety Harbor. This has been communicated to the United States Postal Service as they work through their relocation due diligence process.

          I initially spoke with Damian back in October when he explained the relocation due diligence process the Postal Service was beginning. City Staff has a meeting scheduled with Damian prior to the March 15th Public Meeting to further discuss the progress of their efforts. After a recent conversation with Damian, I can share the following information:

          · The Postal Service is looking for 6,500 sq. ft. +/- with adequate parking for their vehicles and deliveries.
          · The search area is in the greater Safety Harbor area as far north as Curlew and as far south as S.R. 60. Their goal is to stay in Safety Harbor.
          · Their current lease expires on March 31, 2019 with a 180 day termination clause.
          · The post office is not closing, they are exploring relocation properties.
          · USPS will explain the entire relocation process to those in attendance on March 15th and answer any questions the public may have. They will then hold a 30 day comment period for comments, suggestions, locations, etc.
          · USPS would love to stay in Downtown Safety Harbor, if they can locate and secure the needed space.
          · A rumor that they are looking to separate the front end operation (USPS retail) from the back end (mail sorting/deliveries/etc.) is not true. They have a need to keep the entire operation in one location; in Safety Harbor.
          · USPS seldom builds new, especially when there are available vacant properties in the area that meet their search criteria.

          For those interested in the relocation due diligence process please plan to attend the meeting on March 15th at 4:30pm.

          Thank you for your time,

          • Really? Sitting around and not getting involved in the process while the post office explores options outside of downtown and our city linits is showing leadership without even publicly acknowledging that this is a problem? I think we have different definitions of leadership.

  16. I”m sure one thing just about every resident in Safety Harbor can agree on is that having a post office on Main St is extremely important for several reasons, among them it provides a convenience for all of our residents, it adds to our small town charm, it bring foot traffic to Main St and it creates a sense of community for our residents. What is troubling about this news is that the current commission, including Janet Hooper who is running for Mayor, has known about this issue since October of LAST year and has done nothing to address it. If we are serious about preserving our small town charm and revitalizing our downtown then keeping the post office on Main St should be a top priority for our elected officials. If elected to serve as Safety Harbor’s Mayor I will make keeping the post office on Main St a top priority of mine and immediately begin exploring options, including using city owned property to serve as a new location.

    • Why bring politics into it? Janet Hooper knew about it since OCTOBER…….So did our mayor, and he never mentioned it publicly, or at least kept very quiet about it. Why didn’t you bring his name up?

  17. Please, please do not move! That post office is a quintessential part of SH’s small-town charm, and is always busy. Why can’t the lease be renewed? We need answers!

  18. I can’t believe that any Safety Harbor resident would not regret the move of our post office. The convenience that it offers residents and tourists alike could not be replaced. Our wonderful city has come a long way partly due to our post office and small town feel. We would miss it terribly. Let’s find a suitable place for it, preferably in our great little downtown.

    • According to a USPS spokesperson, the current landlord plans to redevelop the site and the Postal Service is not part of the new development. The current lease will expire March 31, 2019. The Postal Service will not be closing the Post Office. Operations will continue at the current facility until they locate a new site.

  19. From this article it sounds like renewing the lease at the current location isn’t even a possibility. Can anyone explain why?

  20. My father was the first mail carrier of Safety Harbor and we lived right across the street on 3rd Avenue. It will break my father’s heart to learn that the post office is having to move. I wonder how many novelty boutiques will come and go at this location in the next 130 years. It would seem to me that having a steady customer would be a building owner’s dream in Safety Harbor.

  21. I no longer live in Safety Harbor, but lived there for 12 years. We had a post office box for several of those years. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that there won’t be a post office down town any more. I hope someone comes up with a way for it to stay in the downtown area.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      I remember you from way back. Where did you move? Out of the area? We still live here-will be in our house 39 years April 3.

      Lynn Hutchinson

  22. The SH post office is one of the best attractions and PR enterprises we have in this town. People love the post office charm and hospitality

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